Cuddle up with some eggnog

Jason Van Sandt-Editor in Chief

The year was 1988, I was 11 years old and my uncle Jimmy was over for Thanksgiving dinner. My family had just finished dining when my uncle suggested we all go see a movie afterwards. This was a break in our normal holiday festivities. We would usually eat, watch television afterwards before slipping off into our turkey-fueled commas, but my uncle’s suggestion gained traction and soon we were all off to the theater to see the newest Bill Murray film the day it came out into theaters. I was amazed to see a packed theater; I had always thought people just stayed home on Thanksgiving, and also thrilled to see “Scrooged” before all my friends at school. Now no holiday season is complete until I sit and watch Bill Murray in “Scrooged.”

Daniel Wilson-Online Managing Editor

The greatest holiday movie ever is an easy choice for me. I’ve been watching “A Christmas Story” since I was a child and have seen it at least 200 times. It combines the perfect example of the American Christmas experience with great actors, a funny and entertaining story and unforgettable scenes, quotes and moments to create a true classic. Unfortunately this year, a monstrosity of a sequel has been released and you can read my thoughts on that online at

Angelo Mabolot-News Editor

“Jingle All The Way” is a great reminder of what lengths some people might go through to get a certain Christmas gift. As a kid I really saw Christmas as a cold commercialist parade and this movie made me rethink how I should react to not getting what I wanted for Christmas. There is something about Arnold Schwarzenegger— everything he says hilarious.

Wendy Aguilar-Arts and Entertainment Editor

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year, so I love all movies that celebrate this holiday—even the really bad ones made for Lifetime Television. But one of my favorites, which isn’t necessarily a poorly made film, is “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” This movie transforms Dr. Seuss’ classic story about a Grinch who stole Christmas into an even more heart-warming tale on screen. The Grinch is someone we learn to love and learn to root for. Seeing his heart grow three sizes its tiny size is always a tearjerker. ‘Tis the season.

Steven Senn-Sports Editor

OK, so maybe it’s not the most traditional winter holiday movie, but “The Nightmare Before Christmas” has got to be my favorite hybrid holiday movie ever. This movie combines the fun and fright of Halloween with the caring and sharing of Christmas creating an entirely unique holiday film. Add to that a rich soundtrack full of infectious songs laid over exaggerated stop-motion animated characters in a Tim Burton inspired world and presto! My recipe for holiday movie magic.

Tony Wallin-Print Photo Editor

One of my favorite holiday movies is “Trading Places,” which is one of Eddie Murphy’s first roles. It also stars Dan Aykroyd, who has a great chemistry with Murphy. Both are hilarious and the movie is a genius concept of role-switching between a poor Murphy and a snotty, rich Aykroyd. This movie had me rolling around laughing when I first saw it.

Evan E. Duran-Online Photo Editor

When I was a child my family and I like many families around the holidays would watch “A Christmas Story” as a holiday tradition. As I grew older, I out grew certain holiday traditions. I didn’t stop watching a holiday movie every year, I just watched a different one. For some reason, my roommate and I would watch “Friday After Next” every Friday for the entire month of December. Maybe it was a great way to kick off the weekend, but it stuck. It’s a great laugh if you haven’t already seen it.

Matt Matteucci-Design Editor

I have loved “Home Alone” since I was a child, 4 to be exact. This movie is a great Christmas movie. Kevin MaCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin, has unknowingly been left behind by his family, who have left on vacation for Christmas. Culkin’s character, Kevin, has a run in with the “Wet Bandits,” a wimpy band of thieves who ransack peoples homes while they are on vacation. The “Wet Bandits” try and make their way into the house, but not without a handful of booby traps to get by that have been prepared by Kevin. “Home Alone” is packed with some great quotes and the comedy duo of Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern is hilarious. This movie should be on the top of everyone’s Christmas movies list.

Kate Paloy-Web Manager

One of my favorite Christmas moments is watching “White Christmas,” just one more time. The film grossed $30 million in 1954 and the talented voices and great theatrical expressions of Rosemary Clooney, Danny Kaye, Bing Crosby and Vera-Ellen are just part of the magic. As a young girl, I found that the costumes and “glamour” of the movies kept me attentive to its “boy falls in love with girl” plot.  Several mishaps and bungling situations create romantic moments for the main characters and they fall in love at Christmas time. The soldiers coming into the Vermont Inn at the end is true to the era of movies at that time, giving screen time to the soldiers at war. Yes, with some hot brandy and Christmas treats in hand let “White Christmas” be a subject of comparison and contrast in cinema, or perhaps let yourself enjoy it for what it was intended to be, entertainment.