City Talk: What are your holiday plans?


jen-duong_colorJen Duong · Health Science

“My brother’s more on the holiday side, so he does all the holiday things. He put the family together, he made me put the Christmas tree up the other day, and other than that, we’ll probably go to Tahoe and go snowboarding.”

eleazar-quiroz_colorEleazar Quiroz · Mech. Engineering

“Just staying at home, spending time with the family. My family comes from Fresno, San Diego and Riverdale. We’re Mexican, we make tamales, menudo and pozole, all that stuff.”

nicole-crawford_colorNicole Crawford · Psychology

“Just relaxing and taking care of my son. I’m just looking forward to not stressing about school for a few weeks.”

alexis-echols_colorAlexis Echols

“Probably visiting my grandma in San Diego. I haven’t seen her for like two years. I’ve been busy with work and school. We don’t really have a chance to sit down and just appreciate what’s going on around us.”



Heather Roegiers
News Editor

Photos by Vanessa S. Nelson