City Talk: Anti-abortion group on campus

Student Sam Gibbens holds a sign Tuesday in protest of the anti-abortion group Project Truth in the quad. Heather Roegiers | News Editor |

Heather Roegiers
News Editor 


City College students walking through the Quad Sept. 11–12 viewed graphic, oversized abortion images displayed by the anti-abortion activist group Project Truth, part of the Sanctity of Human Life Network.

The group is promoting its ideology on an extended tour of colleges campuses, but not without opposition. City College’s Student Associated Council set up tables in the Quad, as well, simultaneously promoting strategies to deal with offensive material, including counter-protesting or scheduling unity events at the same time.

The Express asked students on the Quad what they thought about the display.

“I think we definitely need more organization and counter-protesting, and have the library, the government or an institution hand out actual information. Their opinion should be heard because we should know who we’re dealing with — everyone’s opinion should be heard. That’s just true. Doesn’t mean it should be the only opinion taught to people,” says computer science major Sam Gibbens.

alfonso-jamenez-jessica-garcia“I don’t mind it, but I feel like they’re taking over. Low-key annoying. They pass by, or I pass by, and they’re like ‘Here, would you like a pamphlet?’ No. Get away, get away. Seem a little too pushy. I’m gay, so how does that apply to me?” says communications major Alfonso Jamenez. (pictured left)

lydia-boggs“I don’t mind it so much, but I think it’s something that I personally agree with, so I don’t mind them being here. But I do think the photos are a little much,” says liberal studies major Lydia Boggs.

lupita-vargas“It concerns me. What’s happening now with Donald Trump, it’s like people are saying whatever they want, so I’m kind of getting used to it now. I mean, I have nothing against it, but it’s frustrating,” says child development major Lupita Vargas.

james-perego“It’s their right. I mean, I don’t have to agree with it. That’s what it’s all about,” says environmental biology major James Perego, referring to the anti-abortion group’s right to free speech.


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  1. William Wilberforce | September 14, 2017 at 7:17 am |

    Interesting you left out the student who thanked the Project Truth people for showing the display which changed her mind and she now has a beautiful little baby at home. Or the many students who just thanked them for being on their “liberal ” campus.

  2. Sorry journalism. “Promoting our ideology? We present facts that none of your interview apparently want to discuss or refute. Was any effort made to interview any of our team members to discuss why we come onto college campuses? Any good reporter would have done so and also made some note or discussion of the 16 page brochure we handed out.

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