City College’s Games Club mixes old and new school games

The time is over when video games are looked at as just a mindless waste of time. The video game industry has grown over the years into a billion dollar industry and has drawn an enormous fan base. Though the industry has been generally accepted, most people believe that games are just for teenage, hormone-driven boys.

The 16 members of City College’s Games Club say they want that common misconception to be dropped. The members had been promoting the club a month into the spring semester.  It just became official before spring break.

Nujtxeng Vang, 26, doubles as the club founder and treasurer.

“I wanted to offer a place for SCC students to come together and game,” says Vang, a graphic communication major. “But even more than that, I wanted a place where we could come and design and create our own games, to give feedback to each other. Most importantly, to build connections for people who want to get into the video game industry.”

The events and activities consist of gaming sessions that involve numerous genres, such as fighting games, music games and even old-school games like “Mario Brothers”. Vang says that he doesn’t want to leave anyone out and encourages people to bring in different games. The club also has guests who speak about being in the video game industry.

Graphics communication major Noel Yeng, 22, says that he likes contributing to the Games Club.

“Because this is its first year, we get to help determine the future of the club,” Yeng says. “We are setting the foundation for this club.”

Though he likes a lot about the club, he feels that it can still improve.

“Basically everything can improve,” Yeng says. “We have to be quick in fulfilling all of our roles in the club, and we have to keep the club on track. We have to stay organized for events and keep interest up.”

The club has planned future activities, such as on-campus game tournaments and opportunities in which games can be designed.

If interested in the club, check out its Twitter account @levelupgameclub, Youtube account- LevelupgameclupSCC or email