City College Podcast Series – Tunisia, a bloom in the desert

Margo Alexander
Staff Writer


Tunisia is a small country in North Africa, sandwiched between Algeria and Libya. The country is both ancient and modern. Rich history and striking contrasts define this very moderate Muslim country, where they speak only French and Arabic. The country kicked off the Arab Spring and Jasmine Revolution, which unseated President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and paved the way for free elections. As of 2011, Tunisia is the first democracy in the Arab world.

After a few rogue terrorist attacks against tourists there in 2015 and subsequent security crackdowns, there are signs that European tourists are returning to Tunisia, giving hope that the country’s biggest industry — tourism — is getting back on its feet. Many Americans have yet to discover this fascinating land.

Margo Alexander, a City College journalism student and reporter, traveled to Tunisia this fall to visit her sister, who is stationed there with the U.S. embassy. She brought along her voice recorder. In her podcast, she treks across the country, immerses herself in the local culture and has a great adventure along the way. These are her impressions of the country, the culture and its people.

Express writer Margo Alexander on the Tunisian coast.

Express writer Margo Alexander on the Tunisian coast.