From wrestling at City College to fighting in the UFC
By | Sports Editor
Sept. 10

More than 11,000 mixed martial arts fans filled the Sleep Train Arena Aug 31. to witness two hometown fighters compete. UFC Bantamweight Champion T.J. Dillashaw would defend his title in the main event and in the co-main event Danny Castillo took on Tony Ferguson in a Lightweight bout.

For Castillo, who was born in San Francisco and raised in Sacramento, being able to compete in front of so many friends and family members was a surreal moment.

“This means everything to me. Just having to be the co-main event in my hometown is something you dream about as a kid and I’m running with it,” said Castillo.

Castillo’s strengths are boxing and wrestling, according to the UFC 177 official program. He

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Baseball is in his blood
By | Guest Writer
May 9

Tink! Tink! Tink! The sound of a metal bat hitting a baseball, over and over again. The smell of fresh cut grass. The sound of baseballs hitting mitts repeatedly. The sun overhead. This is where Robert Link feels his passion.

Link, 20, is a City College baseball player. He is the archetypal college athlete and represents the program here at Sac City the way it should be.

That all comes easy for Link, baseball is in his blood.

“He is an excellent example of what community college student-athletes should strive to be,” says City College head baseball coach Derek Sullivan. “His future is bright.”

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Crimea loses identity while student athlete finds hers
By | Staff Writer
April 9

Dasha Masalitina treads water for eight minutes, her legs scissoring furiously as she tries to keep her head afloat. She’s doesn’t know how to play water polo, but she doesn’t care. Not knowing how to do something new has never stopped her before.

Not too long ago, everything was new for her. New home. New school. New country.

New sport? Bring it on.

“This is my life now,” says the 19-year-old City College freshman. “And I love it.”

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Panther softball infield shows skill, leadership
By | Staff Writer
April 9

Finely manicured grass, smoothly raked infield dirt, bright white chalk lines and the Panthers softball team huddled up in a pre-game chant while San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh’s “Who’s got it better than us?” chant blasts over the public address system. This is the usual Panthers’ ritual before every home game at City College. Infielder Stephanie Bagwell is in the center of the huddle helping get the team fired up.

Bagwell, a sophomore at City College, is the Panthers’ starting second baseman. She was born in Berkley and when she was 10 her family moved to Fairfield where she went on to play four years of varsity softball at Vanden High School.

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Fighting for a better life
By | Staff Writer
April 9

Students enroll in City College for various reasons. For many it is an opportunity to earn an associate’s degree or certificate, or transfer to a university to earn a four-year degree.

Amateur boxer and communications major Julius Douglas says that his decision to enroll in City College was motivated by his aspiration to better his life and to compete in the Olympic Games as a member of the United States Men’s Boxing Team.

“I’m aiming for the Olympics,” said Douglas. “Right now I’m training every day to get better so that when I’m ready to go professional I’ll give it a shot.”

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Panthers coach rises in ranks
By | Staff Writer
March 12

Derek Sullivan has spent the better part of his adult life in a burgundy and gold uniform. Sullivan, 32, has been a Panther since 1999 when he joined the City College baseball team as a utility infielder. Sullivan has climbed the Panthers ranks, reaching the top this season as the team’s head coach.

Sullivan, who returned to City College as a coach in 2004 and also teaches kinesiology, said he is exactly where he wants to be.

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Body slamming success
By | Staff Writer
Feb. 5

Walking through the dimly lit hallways of City College’s North Gym, his steps are slow and deliberate. His footwork seems constantly in tune with his body’s balance.

A couple of minutes before his next meeting, he peeks through a door window to observe the Boot Camp Fitness class in progress. It is in this very same room where wrestlers train to become state champions. And they do so under his guidance, the guidance of City College wrestling head coach Dave Pacheco, who was named Head Coach of the year for California community colleges in December 2013.

The students inside, grouped into three military ranks, conduct sprint and cardio drills, zipping up and down the room in a variety of running styles. Pacheco watches and nods his head after each student completes his or her rotation, ending on the other side of the viewing window. Some students see him through the window and smile. Others choose to avoid his gaze—upon meeting Pacheco, one can understand why.

Steely, penetrating eyes and receding cropped hair that fits perfectly under his baseball cap, Pacheco looks very much like a police drill instructor. Even a thin handlebar mustache frames his square jaw. His loose gray and…» Read More

Water Wings
By | Staff Writer
Dec. 12, 2013

For many, in addition to sleepless nights while studying for exams and waiting for financial aid disbursements, making new friends, joining clubs, falling in and out of love, and parties will make the list of college memories.

Such is not the case for all college students though.

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The final punch-out
By | Staff Writer
Dec. 11, 2013

WHILE MANY STUDENTS ARE studying for finals, students in City College’s boxing class are training for their last matches of the semester. According to Varie Walker, biology major and current student in the class, boxing students receive a final grade based on their performance in the final match.

However, because it is an amateur boxing match, there is no winner determined.

“In order to get a passing grade, you have to participate in two matches,” says Walker. “Although the score is not kept, the crowd can pretty much tell who’s winning if the match is sort of onesided.”

City College boxing instructor Peter Pryor adds that students who take the course will be provided with a pair of gloves and headgear but must bring their own mouthpiece, jump rope and hand wraps.

“Because this is a beginning class, we steer towards amateur-style boxing,” says Pryor.

In comparison to boxing, the sport of Mixed Martial Arts has become increasingly popular.

In MMA, fighters are allowed to use a mixture of striking and grappling, which includes standing and ground maneuvers. Pryor says the difference between boxing and Mixed Martial Arts is an emphasis on technical and defensive skills rather than knockouts as…» Read More

Finding a balance
By | Staff Writer
Dec. 11, 2013

GOLF IS A MENTAL game as much as it is a physical game, but when a player faces a daily battle with a disease like diabetes, the stakes are even higher.

As a diabetic, City College freshmen golfer Madison Holm says she must maintain normal blood sugar levels

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