Putting, pinning, running
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Oct. 26, 2011

With the fall season well underway, student athletes and coaches have been working hard training and improving for final tournaments or conference matches in November and December. Some athletes may be in the spotlight more than others, and the Express hunted down some of these athletes to find out their performance achievements and goals for the season. Below is a star athlete roundup of some of the athletes from three sports.

Women’s Golf

Riley Sexton has been playing golf since her freshman year in high school. Women’s head golf coach Tim Kiernan said that Sexton has improved on her short game since she joined the team this season.

“She knows how to closeout in a tournament,” Kiernan said. “She’s very good at that.”

After trying several sports in high school, Sexton found golf enjoyable and said she sometimes spends entire days practicing at golf courses from sunup to sundown. Sexton said her inspiration to play golf comes from “my love for the game, I love the game and I want to take it to the next level.”

“I have to say my length on my drive sets me apart from other athletes,” Sexton said. “For my size (5-foot-4 inches) I hit the ball really long, but as far as technique goes, I am still working on that.” Kiernan said, “She…» Read More

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Oct. 26, 2011

Martial arts have many forms and varieties of physical activities, rangeing from karate, kung fu, taekwondo and many more that are not as well known.

Though these forms of self-defense classes are taught mainly in a private martial arts facility called a dojo, City College has a specific class devoted to martial arts, taekwondo.

Jang-Ha Oh, best known as City College’s women’s soccer coach, also teaches the taekwondo class. In a recent class Oh, clad in white, and looked on while students kicked into taekwondo.

Oh said that he likes being involved in the two diverse sports. “I love and enjoy teaching the taekwondo class,” Oh said. “Kung fu uses more arms than legs, with taekwondo it’s more legs than arms.”

Oh, who received his black belt in taekwondo in 1982, is a longtime martial arts master. He has been teaching the sport at City College since 2007. Though the sport is popular, it’s roots are in a far away land.

“[Taekwondo] originated from Korea,” Oh says with great enthusiasm. “It is the main form of [martial arts] there.”

Not only is taekwondo a form of martial arts, it is also an Olympic sport without the use of weapons. The…» Read More

Running back breaks barriers
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Oct. 26, 2011

During a home game on a Friday night, running back Devian McKinnie looked up at the bleachers from the sidelines after hearing his name called by a familiar voice and waved at a little boy cheering for him in the stands— his 6-year-old son, Devian Jeremiah McKinnie.

McKinnie’s life changed six years ago when he was a senior in high school and found out that he was going to be a father. As a teenager, McKinnie said he feared for his future.

“It was my last year of high school, and I was supposed to be recruited and I was having a baby. It was a lot of stress,” McKinnie said.

McKinnie put his dream of playing football on hold after his son was born. Six years later, McKinnie has another chance to pursue his dream. McKinnie is currently attending City College where he plays football.

“Going into the NFL is my dream. I would love to make it there,” McKinnie said. “Playing football right now and taking care of school let’s me know that my dream is still alive.”

City College football coach Dannie Walker says McKinnie has the skills and the potential necessary to succeed on the field.

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Interceptions and sacks put City College football back on map with win
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Oct. 18, 2011

After a three-game losing streak City College captured its second win of the season Oct. 15 with a commanding performance, 36-19, against Solano College at Hughes Stadium.

City College started the game with a touchdown on its opening drive. After several plays, quarterback Dominic Carmazzi connected with receiver Cedric Anderson for a 10-yard touchdown pass.

Along with a 6-point touchdown, Anderson also was able to convert with a 2-point conversion that put the team ahead, 8-0, with 9:16 left in the first quarter.

“We all worked together as a team, as units, all units – special teams, offense, defense [and] coaching,” running back Devian McKinnie said. “Everything was just falling [into place] tonight. This was a team win.”

After City College kicked off, Solano quickly responded with a 37-yard pass to wide receiver Johnie Williams.

City College came back as running back Lanier Logan scored a second touchdown with 33.3 seconds left in the first quarter. Logan accounted for 21 of the team’s 36 points, with three touchdowns in the game.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Solano scored a touchdown that put it within two points of City College.

Toward the end of the second quarter, City College…» Read More

Women’s water polo loses 7-14 to Modesto Pirates
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Oct. 16, 2011

City College water polo Head Coach Steve Hanson was left with a yellow card and a 7-14 loss in the match Oct. 12 against Modesto Junior College.

According to Hanson, a lot of calls were made inconsistently for both sides prior to the card.

The water polo team assistant coach Jon Gullone said the yellow card given to Hanson was a warning from officials for too many complaints.

City College’s water polo team was slow in recognizing how the players needed to facilitate for the offense during gameplay, Hanson said, which resulted in forced bad shots.

Athlete Lauren Ficarelli, 20, environmental studies major originally from Hawaii, said she dealt with the excessive aggression coming from the opponent as just another thing she had to let blow over her head.

“If that affects you, you’ve already lost,” Ficarelli said about the aggression during the match.

“The refs weren’t doing their job very well at all for either sides,” said Carson Hicks, a fan in attendance at the game.

The water polo athletes will continue to work on fundamentals during practices and face difficulties in infiltrating full-game scenarios with nine players, Gullone said.

Hanson said he saw progress…» Read More

Water polo team pursues ‘big, hairy, audacious goals’
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Oct. 12, 2011

The City College women’s water polo team may not be a conference powerhouse, but head coach Steve Hanson said that this year’s team can challenge any competitor left on its schedule that thinks it can beat City College.

“My first year, we had no wins,” Hanson said. “Last year we had one, so we’re still building this program.”

This season Hanson said he has great optimism that new recruits will be the building blocks needed to build a powerful team he envisions for City College. The addition of six new athletes to the team, all of whom have had previous experience playing water polo, will help tremendously in building a solid water polo team, Hanson said.

“This year two of our new players are our leading scorers,” Hanson said. “The team is learning to have patience and trust in their teammates, so we expect more [action] than years before.”

Athletes like Chelsea Kennedy, 19, general education major, said this year’s athletes are defensively solid and are more than capable of stepping up when the pressure is put on.

Kennedy believes that the team plays such an aggressive style of defense that it has allowed the team to…» Read More

Hey, Jude
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Oct. 12, 2011

On an average day, 75 to 100 student-athletes make their way to the North Gymnasium training room 130. With an injury potentially getting in the way of athletic competition, the student-athletes have no time to lose. They report to see Jude Temple, head athletics trainer at City College.

“[We] take care of the health, welfare, safety [and] well-being” of 500 student-athletes, Temple said.

Injuries are just one portion of athletics, and, depending on the sport, there are about the same number of minor injuries as there are major ones, Temple said.

Football players, Temple said, usually have acute injuries, like smashed hands. A cross-country injury is typically more chronic side—for example pulling a hamstring that requires multiple visits with the trainer.

Temple said he sees different injuries every day. One student-athlete might come in for a bag of ice, another one with a torn ACL, a major ligament in the knee.

Temple said he has been through the injury process and knows what it’s like for athletes to know that they might not be able to compete. The most rewarding feeling, Temple said, is the look on a student-athlete’s face when he or she does recover.

There are limitations, though….» Read More

Panther soccer scores against Mustangs but fails to win
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Oct. 6, 2011

The City College soccer lost 4-1 Sept. 27 to San Joaquin Delta College.

City College, now 0-6 overall and 0-2 in the league, was unable to continue  the pace it established after coming back from an early goal scored by Delta  in the second minute of the opening half.

Sophomore center-midfielder Isabel Becerra, 21, criminal justice and sports  therapy majors, led the comeback charge by dribbling past two defenders  and burying a shot into the upper corner of the Delta net just outside the  diving goalies reach.

“You just have to glance at the goal and pick a corner,” Becerra said. “The pressure helps me to control my surroundings.”

The goal was made possible in part by a big defensive steal by freshman forward Jessica Pena who delivered the ball down the line to Becerra in enough time for Becerra to drive it into the net.

“We all kept a positive attitude,” Becerra said. “We can progress as a team if we keep that mindset.”

San Joaquin Delta College scored minutes before the end of the first half. Even though the goal came close to half time, City College kept pushing forward and was inches away…» Read More

Football scores first, only touchdown against Fresno City College
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Oct. 5, 2011

For the first two minutes of the game, City College football team looked in control Oct. 1 against Fresno City College. But those two minutes would end up being the only time of control for the Panthers, as the Rams cruised to a 56-7 victory.

“It’s just the mental errors, that’s what has plagued us all year,” head coach Dannie Walker said. “We’ve got the talent to play with anybody but the mental errors aren’t going to let you be successful at any given time.”

The first play from the scrimmage line was picked off by City College Shawnquece Williams, and soon after running back Devian McKinnie jumped into the end zone for the first touchdown of the game, 7-0.

From that point on until the ending of the game, the Rams scored 56 unanswered points.

Quarterback Dominic Carmazzi said he was proud of the defense despite the 56 points Saturday evening.

“My heart goes out to the defense,” Carmazzi said. “They play great every single week, and I mean seven points just isn’t acceptable.”

Fresno City College improved to 4-0 on the season for the Mid-Empire Conference, while the Panthers fell to 1-3. The Rams were also No. 3…» Read More

Women’s golf team edges Modesto in Suttertown Classic taking first place
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Oct. 2, 2011

The women’s golf team took first place Sept. 29 for the fifth consecutive  year at the Suttertown Classic.

Nine teams competed at Bing Maloney Golf Course, but the winning  Panthers beat Modesto Junior College by a single point, 110-109, in the  tournament.

Unlike traditional scoring that uses the lowest score as the  best, the tournament used modified Stableford. Team totals were reached  by adding the four highest scores from individuals.

After 18 holes, four athletes were tied for fourth and two were tied for  second, calling for a playoff.

“I think the playoff holes really helped our sophomores and freshmen,”  head coach Tim Kiernan said. “It’s a great way to end a tournament.”

The four City College athletes tied for fourth included Riley Sexton, Lynzee  Kornelly and Liz Thomas. In the battle for second, City College athlete  Wilma Elefante, kineseiology major, led the way for the Panthers.

“With my game, I wasn’t very confident, I just got off an injury so I can’t hit the ball very solid right now,” Elefante said. “I shot a 29 and I’m happy with how I played. I got third.”

Lynzee Kornelly, marine and environmental biology major, shot a 27 despite a playing with…» Read More