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Feb. 16, 2012

The city College’s men’s tennis team is looking for a clean slate this season after last season’s 3-9 overall record, according to the team’s head coach Dave Griffin.

With one returning player this season, the team faces a strong competition in a conference that holds eight out of the last 10 state champions, said Griffin.

“We’re just a bunch of local guys [who] have fun playing, and we’re against all internationals,” said Griffin.

Conference opponents such as Reedley College and Fresno City College include many stronger international players, brought in on athletic scholarships.

Griffin says there is not as much competition for tennis scholarships in the United States because tennis is not as popular a sport here.

“[International players] look at college scholarships and they pick tennis; and tennis is not one of the big four [sports] here,” said Griffin.

Despite being in a “brutal conference,” said Griffin, the City College team has one returning player. He remains optimistic about the upcoming season.

“They work hard and have a great attitude,” said Griffin, adding that this ethic is “priceless.” Griffin said that his team’s goals is to improve every week.

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Feb. 15, 2012

City College baseball team is one of the more dominant teams in the league, at least judging by its record said head coach Andy McKay. The program’s earned 38 conference titles, four state titles and one national title in its 89-year history.

“We’ve been playing since 1923, and we’ve been very good since 1923, so in terms of a long-term traditional program, this [program] is it,” said McKay. “This [program] is [the best] in the state, and this may even be [the best] in the country.”

McKay, who has coached the Panthers for 18 years, including five years as an assistant and 13 years as the team’s head coach.

Perhaps the greatest challenge, team members say, this season will be the usual grueling schedule.

The team began its schedule against Fresno City College Feb. 3 and 4. City College lost 9-0 in the first game and 2-0 in the second game.

“[The schedule] comes with the territory of being at Sac City, You don’t come to Sac City to play crappy teams— you come to Sac City to play hard teams and get better. You’re playing the best of the best in the Big 8, and that’s what I’m here for,” said pitcher Brian Kennedy.

Team members say they are confident in their ability to overcome those challenges.

Kennedy said he will not hesitate to rely on his defense.

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Match made in sports
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Feb. 15, 2012


They’re not just members of a sports team; they’re also students in the classroom, as well as couples who share a love for athletics.

For these two sets of City College couples, juggling the ups and downs of academics, sports and romantic relationships can be challenging.

City College chemistry major Mellanie Castillo and undeclared major Jason Dunn are both on the track team and have been dating for 10 months.

Castillo and Dunn say they were already in love with track before falling in love with each other.

“People think track is just about running, but it’s about hard work and determination,” says Dunn. “[It’s about] telling yourself that you can do it when your body says you can’t.”

Now track has brought them together, says Castillo. In fact, the sport played a part in bringing the couple together during the Stanford Invitational when they were both still in high school last year.

Castillo says he noticed Dunn’s motivation and passion for track when they first met.

He’s very determined,” says Castillo. “I’ve always admired his determination and how, when he sets a goal, he really achieves it, no matter what.”

Although they are separated during practice, sharing the same sport and having three classes together gives them a lot of time together, Castillo says.

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Wrestlers earn best grades ever
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Feb. 13, 2012

City College has produced more Academic All-Americans (AAA), amongst all sports, than any other community college in the state by more than 50 percent since the program began in 1977, according to wrestling team co-head coach Dave Pacheco. The teams total GPA last semester was a combined 3.09, and according to a written statement by Pacheco, this is an accomplishment that hasn’t been reached before now and should be strived for in the future. “Last (year) the team came up just short of 3.0 with a 2.97. Three years ago, the Panther squad had exactly a 3.0 in the fall,” Pacheco said. “The 2011-2012 team has set a new standard.” Pacheco said the 3.09 GPA is the best single semester grade-point average the team has ever earned. Out of 30 wrestlers’ grades that were totaled for the teams’ average, 20 had a GPA of 3.0 or higher and three earned a 4.0 last semester. The team’s GPA has even been nominated for the “Scholar Team Award” presented by the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA). According to Pacheco, he was rather satisfied with the nomination because of the work ethic the coaching staff diligently attempt to instill in their…» Read More

Still pushing forward
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Feb. 2, 2012

With its season almost over, City College women’s basketball team is looking to finish the conference with a couple more wins.

The team began its season with a tough schedule playing teams such as Ventura College, Fresno City College and Santa Rosa College, which are all ranked among the top 10 junior colleges in the state. The team is currently 1-7 in conference and 2-16 overall for the season. For the team’s head coach Devin Engebretsen, it’s been a tough journey.

“From a winning stand point it has been challenging,” said Engebretsen.

Engebretsen said the team is still adjusting, not just to what takes to compete at the college level but what it takes to compete for a full 40 minutes.

“Our biggest struggle so far has been trying to compete consistently for a whole game,” said dental hygiene major and guard, Tori Hironaka.

“They have improved since the beginning, but they are still learning,” said Engebretsen.

Even though the team has struggled to win with a team comprised of 10 new freshmen and a new coach, building chemistry has not been a factor, Engebretsen said.

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Optimistic state of mind
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Feb. 1, 2012

The City College swim team began its practices at the beginning of the spring semester, and now team members say they are eager to begin conditioning and competing with high hopes for this season.

Head swim Coach Steve Hanson says he’s enthusiastic for this season’s team and what it can accomplish.

“My expectations are to have each individual athlete improve in stroke and have a better showing in the Big 8 Conference,” Hanson says.

With an increase from 15 swimmers last season to 24 swimmers this season, Hanson says he believes that the team will not be as limited to compete by the number of swimmers as they were last season.

Hanson also says he believes that having a greater number of swimmers will allow the team to enjoy the more sociable atmosphere of the meets.

English and Spanish literature major Jose Alfaro, who has been swimming for four years and is now on his second year of swimming on the City College swim team, says he is looking forward to hanging out with his teammates and forming bonds and connections with them.

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Diablo Valley College Vs. City College
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Jan. 23, 2012

City College men’s basketball team struggled against Diablo Valley College on Jan. 17. The DVC Vikings (17-2, 4-1 in conference) came into the game ranked number one in the state.

The Panthers tried to gain control of the game from the beginning but lost with a final score of 47-78.

“Honestly, we just got out played and they wanted it more,” freshman guard Antwoine Davis said. “We have got to match the intensity that the other team brings.”

DVC sophomore guard Brian Goins finished with 18 points while the Panthers were led by Davis who tallied nine points in the second half rally effort.

“I think we caught them on a bad night, and we got off to a pretty good start,” said DVC Head Coach Steve Coccimiglio. “We got a good lead at halftime.”

The halftime score had DVC up 40-18 on the Panthers (12-4, 2-3 in conference) who couldn’t put a big enough dent in the deficit to comeback.

“Sac City’s got an excellent record and good players and we knew that we had to come out in the second-half and not have any drop off,” Coccimiglio said.

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Wrap up Vs. Diablo
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Jan. 21, 2012

City College women’s basketball team fell short to Diablo Valley College Jan.17, losing 51-56. Both teams are now tied in the Big 8 conference with a record of 1-4.

“We should have played with more energy and kept the energy up,” said freshman forward Enimoa Laui who scored seven points in the game. Head coach Devin Engebretsen said City College did a good job on defense for about the first 33 minutes of the game.

“We just have to bounce back and keep working and fix our defense for Friday,” said Engebretsen, as he looked ahead to the team’s next game.

Freshman center Brianna Williams and freshman guard Kelsie Muramoto, were both in double digits with 24 points. Muramoto was not as happy with the defense that City College played when she spoke post game.

“[Diablo] picked it up on defense and we didn’t match their efforts,” said Muramoto after scoring 14 points in the game.

City College extended its lead by 10 points in the first half but in the second half Diablo Valley came back and outscored City College by 15.

Engebretsen said that foul trouble plagued the team in the last seven minutes of the contest, allowing…» Read More

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Dec. 12, 2011

City College students, part of the Sacramento Amazons women’s rugby team, finished third in the nation Nov. 10. at the USA Rugby Women’s National Championships in Virginia.

The Amazons went to the national championships undefeated with a record of 5-0. They finished with a record of 2-1 at the national championships when they lost in the semi-final game against the Raleigh Venom from North Carolina.

“They did have a different style of play from ours,” said undecided major Angela Marie Ve’evalu who plays the positions of prop and flanker on the rugby team, “They used a kick [technique] to advance forward a lot against us versus our team, which [uses] strength, power and skill.”

Sacramento Amazons’ women’s rugby coach Mary Swanstrom said it was a heartbreaking loss for their team, but a great learning experience. She also said playing against Raleigh made their team stronger.

The tournament was composed of 14 teams from around the country. The Amazons were in the Division II club bracket.

Swanstrom said that the team’s strategy varied between each game because every opposing team’s style of play was different.

In their first game against Portland, Maine, Swanstrom said the team was the No. 1 seed in the tournament…» Read More

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Dec. 12, 2011

Focus and motivation are two important elements of wrestling that are necessary to take down an opponent during a match. City College wrestler, Efren Rodriguez, has nearly mastered these elements and has also translated them into his personal life.

Second Team All-Conference winner in the Big 8 this semester, and wrestler since the age 12, Rodriguez says he chooses to work tirelessly in order to ensure a bright future ahead of him. Rodriguez spends his days and nights training, wrestling, completing schoolwork and giving back to the wrestling community, he says.

Rodriguez’s hard work ethic has not gone unnoticed. City College head wrestling coach Dave Pacheco says this is one of his best qualities.

“He is very motivated and intense,” Pacheco says. “He doesn’t like losing and he doesn’t like getting poor grades. He wants to be successful.”

The other wrestlers on the team also say they respect Rodriguez for his work ethic.

“He’s a great practice partner,” says wrestler Brenden Sullivan. “He never slacks off or takes a break. He always gives it his all.”

Pacheco says that the day of regionals, Rodriguez chose to visit, Chico High School, his old high school, instead. Rodriguez spent the day there…» Read More