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ROAD TO RUIN | Bailouts break the bank

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about American automakers as they follow other industries downward.
The big idea is to give these automakers a check from the government — a “bailout.” These same companies have been having financial problems for years and performing poorly compared with their foreign competitors. They’ve never been given a bailout before; why now?

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EDITORIAL | Time well spent

With economic pressures, budget cuts and the threat of a recession, students are more aware of where their money is going, and the last thing they want to do is spend more on their education. Most community college students were whining when tuition and fees increased last fall, even though they didn’t rise to the same level as the inflation rate, according to the annual College Board reports on college cost and student aid.

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SPARE CHANGE | Hope or hype

For what seems like an eternity, the country has been under the trance of Obamamania. It’s hard to recall the pre-Obama era of American politics, but perhaps that’s because we’ve all worked so hard at repressing the last eight years. After all, Mr. Bush’s atrocious grammar, eco-unfriendly policies and that bloody, money-gobbling war have been enough to make anyone want to build a makeshift bomb shelter in their basement and hide out for a while, but on Jan. 20, in the nations capitol, over 2 million people gathered in the light of day, and partied well into the night to celebrate the dawning of a new administration.

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OPPOSING VIEWS | Smoking on campus

Are you a mouth breather? Loud talker? Do you guffaw instead of laugh or do that horrible snorting thing? Don’t worry, just keep staring straight ahead and no one will know. But be warned, they are coming for you next.

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Obama’s race is run

Yes we can believe that once again we have a voice in the political arena. Our 44th president is proof of that.

For so many years I’ve heard fellow students say things like, “It doesn’t matter who I vote for, the elections are rigged.” Or, “I feel like neither of the candidates represents me.”

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Back to the beginning

I love New Year’s resolutions. The start of a fresh, new year seems like the perfect time for me to start thinking of all the things I will accomplish in the next 365 days. I actually believe I will meet every goal I set – for about a week.