City College student store display set up for Halloween. | Emily Foley | Staff Photographer | emmajfoley@gmail.com

The state of fear in 2014

Halloween gives City College students the opportunity to choose their fears in a celebratory, escapist fashion. Playing with makeup and fog machines is a refreshing respite…

City College student Michael Lewis shows-off his 1-inch tunnels. Photo by Sierra Popp // Staff Writer // sierrapoppexpress@gmail.com

How to put holes in your body

Body modification, known as body mods, seems to be all the rage these days. Gauges, and piercings are more popular than ever, but so are…

National Football League insignia.

Fantasy Football Recap

Five weeks through the NFL season, here are two Express editors’ picks for the next weeks of fantasy football. Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck has…

Illustration by Cory Walker // cwalker8812@gmail.com

Classroom étiquette for the oblivious

They haunt our classrooms. They are unaware or simply do not care. The crinkle of a potato chip bag, the whispers during a lecture, the…

Linda Huizar hopes to continue her educational goals by entering the Nursing program here at City College. Gabrielle Smith | Photo Editor | gsmithexpress@gmail.com

Making the second half of life count

Sober and focused, student pursues nursing goal Linda Huizar | Contributing Writer I learned many valuable lessons while growing up as a child and teenager in…

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What do you stand for?

In 1970 students at Sacramento City College staged a non-violent protest to the Vietnam War. For two days the students occupied campus offices and buildings,…

Stephen Ruderman is a 20-year-old Staff Writer and Advertising Manager of  the Express.

Campus solicitors are not unlike cockroaches

There’s a very annoying, demanding and guilt-tripping bunch on campus. No, they’re not our professors, they’re the petitioners, who skulk around campus and bother you…

Bell Curve of Success illustration by 
Andrea Vallejo

Demographics can lose sight of individual student

A City College student received the prestigious Jack Kent Cooke award, one of only 85 nationally to receive the scholarship. A former RISE student earns her Ph.D. A student with a disability holds an art show. These are just a few of the individual student success stories chronicled in this edition of the Express, the last issue of 2013-2014 academic year.

Throughout this semester and through the history of this college many similar stories have gone unreported. The individual stories of the successes at City College are vast and would be impossible to cover in one campus paper. Likewise, graduation or transfer rates and other data used to determine if a community college is successful do not include individual triumphs or personal milestones of its students.


Living in the times of the not-so-free press

There is no question: The Internet changed the scape of mass media during the last part of the 20th century and the first decade of the new millennium, and it is a valuable informational tool. However, with so much information, it can be difficult to discern the legitimate from illegitimate. News is immediately available in abundance and opinion flows freely, while the truth is easily lost. A lie repeated in enough messages can masquerade as truth when it goes viral.

With a growing number of publications and broadcasters, the First Amendment guarantee of a free press can be confused not only by the Internet, but also by billionaires and a small list of giant media conglomerates. The facts may still be reported, but there is a question of credibility when the company or individual has an interest in the news that is disseminated and the writer or editor self-edits, in fear of reprisal.