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Editorial: Attempting the impossible

As editor of the Express, I want to thank my tremendous staff this semester and our amazing advisers for attempting to produce the closest representation…

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Editorial: Write to me

The Express is your paper. Due to the tragic events that transpired on campus earlier this month, I was unable to speak on this important…

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Cliché, but true

Sometimes, coasting through a class seems like no big deal. • “Oh, this is just for my general education requirements. It’s not really applicable to…

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Until we reach that day

Monday, April 13, as this issue of the Express is going to press, reports are coming in about a shooting at Wayne Community College in…


Look out for each other

According to “The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2014 Survey,” 9.5 percent of incoming college students frequently felt depressed during the past year. This figure…

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Good enough is not good enough

Fifteen California community colleges were initially approved Jan. 20 to begin offering bachelor’s degrees by the Community College Board of Governors.

None of the Los Rios colleges were accepted into the pilot programs.

That’s because the Los Rios Community College District did not apply for a pilot program.

Some of the programs that have been initially approved are in fields in which Los Rios colleges have certificates or degrees available.

For example, American River College offers an associate’s degree in funeral services. Cypress College received approval for an expanded mortuary science program. The programs are identical in core curriculum. If Los Rios had applied, perhaps ARC could be offering a bachelor’s degree in that discipline.

The Community College Board of Governors selected 15 colleges for four-year pilot programs. Los Rios was not among the districts considered. // Photo by Gabby Smith // Gabbysmith.express@gmail.com

Los Rios district passes on four-year degrees

Fifteen California community colleges have obtained initial approval to begin four-year programs offering bachelor’s degrees in fields ranging from airframe manufacturing technology to mortuary science. The…


Defending freedom of speech

In Copenhagen on Valentine’s Day, a man was shot and killed at a free speech event. This came just over a month after “Charlie Hebdo,”…

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Be considerate — register responsibly

At the beginning of every semester students stand in the back of a classroom or sit on the fl oor waiting. After attempting to register…