Look out for each other
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March 11

According to “The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2014 Survey,” 9.5 percent of incoming college students frequently felt depressed during the past year. This figure has increased 6.1 percent over the past fi ve years. Of the students surveyed, 34.6 percent felt overwhelmed. That is almost one in every three students feeling stressed out and overwhelmed.

College can make or break students when it comes to stress management. This skill isn’t listed on syllabi — it’s a consequence of the condition of the educational system and the way the world works.

When you’re at school, professorswill say, “There is nothing more important than your education.”

At work, you’ll hear about how the job experience you are currently getting will be the foundation for the rest of your life, and how success in your career is equivalent to success in life itself.

And, at home, you’ll hear that family comes first, no matter what.

Balancing school, work and life is something that students try to cope with every day on campuses across the country. And some students are better at it than others.

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Good enough is not good enough
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Feb. 8

Fifteen California community colleges were initially approved Jan. 20 to begin offering bachelor’s degrees by the Community College Board of Governors.

None of the Los Rios colleges were accepted into the pilot programs.

That’s because the Los Rios Community College District did not apply for a pilot program.

Some of the programs that have been initially approved are in fields in which Los Rios colleges have certificates or degrees available.

For example, American River College offers an associate’s degree in funeral services. Cypress College received approval for an expanded mortuary science program. The programs are identical in core curriculum. If Los Rios had applied, perhaps ARC could be offering a bachelor’s degree in that discipline.

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Dec. 18, 2014

At the beginning of every semester students stand in the back of a classroom or sit on the fl oor waiting. After attempting to register for a class that they really wanted — or worse, that class they really needed to fulfi ll a requirement — many students find their course wait listed or closed. If they are lucky, they receive a permission number, and if not, they might try again next semester.

Despite an increase in the number of course off erings, the first week or two of classes is still distracting for professors and disappointing for students. While most professors over-accommodate by trying to take as many students as possible, at some point there are some students who will be turned away. And halfway through the semester many of the desks that were full at the beginning of the term will sit empty.

Often we enroll in a class with the best of intentions; other times we enroll “just in case” a class doses not work out. But what we forget is that when we drop a class after the fi rst two weeks, we have likely taken an opportunity away from someone else.

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Healthcare is a right not a privilege
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Dec. 1, 2014

Before each holiday season begins, the flu season arrives. Depending on how active the season is and how virulent the strain is, in influenza or the flu virus claims between 3,000 and 49,000 lives each year, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. For people who have health insurance, a flu vaccine or access to early treatment often leads to a quick recovery.

However, despite the new health care law, there are still many who do not have access to medical care.

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Giving back the Season  of Giving
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Nov. 25, 2014

As the season progresses from fall and moves into winter, skeletons and witches hung to spook trick-or-treaters have been replaced with decorative ceramic turkeys and festive table settings. Not long after in some households Thanksgiving cornucopias will immediately give way to Santa Claus. As we labor over the perfect gifts for our friends and family while staying within a budget, we should remember to find time to relax for a minute to take in the spirit of giving.

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Football helmets and shoulder pads located in a storeroom.
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Nov. 1, 2014

Week 9 is the beginning of the weeks everyone in fantasy football dreads: bye weeks. This week, four top 10 fantasy quarterbacks, nine top 30 wide receivers and five top 25 running backs are on bye weeks.

Here is a list of players that can be useful this week to help with your bye week blues.

As always, start your studs, and good luck this week.

Byes: Green Bay, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit

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The state of fear in 2014
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Oct. 29, 2014

Halloween gives City College students the opportunity to choose their fears in a celebratory, escapist fashion.

Playing with makeup and fog machines is a refreshing respite from actual fears about post-college employment and student debt.

As a mixture of  fledgling adults and seasoned learners, City College students have replaced the plastic, factory-pressed, rubber-band strapped superhero masks of their youth with a veneer rooted in over-confidence and ambition.

City College students today love to be scared of a bleak reality because it mirrors their own outlook of their projected futures. This dilutes the impact of Halloween and reduces it to the equivalent of an autumn version of non-religious Easter: a reason to have a party and

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Football helmets and shoulder pads located in a storeroom.
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Oct. 24, 2014

We’re halfway through the season, which means only six more weeks until Fantasy football playoffs start. If you’re at the bottom of your league, it’s never too late to trade your way out.

I could go into a story about how I started the season 1-6 last year and traded my way to a 7-6 record and a playoff spot, but I’m not. I could also talk about how countless others are currently trying to do the same thing, but I won’t.

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Football helmets and shoulder pads located in a storeroom.
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Oct. 18, 2014

If there is one thing that I have learned during my time playing fantasy football, it’s that you should never second-guess yourself.

My brother Kevin is also an avid fantasy football player (though he is much better at fantasy basketball). We have been in a league together for six years now, and throughout that time he has been known to over think things and cause himself to lose. So much so, that the league has coined the term “Kev yourself,” meaning to overthink decisions based on your starting roster.

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How to put holes in your body
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Oct. 15, 2014

Body modification, known as body mods, seems to be all the rage these days. Gauges, and piercings are more popular than ever, but so are infections, rejections and the career shutouts that come along with them. Most problems can be prevented with proper post-care and common sense.

Body modification can be a tricky situation. Using a professional is the safest route, but there is always some risk with every mod. Always do your research before you have someone give you something permanent.

“Always make sure your shop is state and

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