By | Staff Writer
Sept. 27, 2014

Students who fund public speaking daunting, whether in front of a crowd, at a job interview, or just in passing conversation, have an opportunity to attend a free workshop specifically aimed at developing communication skills.

The workshop, “Building Self Confidence Through Communication and Conversation,” created by 16-year Toastmaster veteran Jackie Bates, will return to City College for a second year Thursday, Sept. 25, at noon in the Cultural Awareness Center.

Bates said she is looking forward to returning to City College after the success her workshop had at the campus last year.

“The program helps you sell yourself — for the job, for life,” Bates said, “I’m here to help. My gift is encouragement.”

Tamara Knox, student assistant at the Cultural Awareness Center, said she attended Bates’ workshop last year.

“I recommend her workshop to anyone and everyone because her information is invaluable,” said Knox, “It’s not just about public speaking — it’s about communication in general.”

Bates said she is shocked by the number of people between the ages of 20 and 40 who lack communication skills The use of interjections are constantly heard because people don’t know how to use their voices confidently and assertively in conversation.

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Panthers football event to benefit Shriners Hospital
By | News Editor
Sept. 27, 2014

In the wee hours of the morning on Oct. 7, members of the City College Panthers football team will take to the corner of Sutterville Road and Freeport Boulevard to sell newspapers to benefit Shriners Hospital for Children, Northern California.

According to Jose Zambrano, the team’s assistant coach, this is the third consecutive year that he and members of the football team will take to the same street for Kids Day. From 6:30 -9:30 a.m. passersby will be able to show support for the hospital by purchasing an annual, special edition of the Sacramento Bee newspaper for $1 or more.

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By | Editor-in-Chief
Sept. 27, 2014

As the fall semester gets underway, hit-and-runs are keeping the Los Rios Police Department busy at Sacramento City College, according to department officials.

According to the department’s crime log, officers filed 43 reports during the first two weeks of the new term. From Aug. 25 to Sept. 8, the log lists “hit and run/no injury” incidents as the top crime reported on campus.

“They [students] are sometimes in a hurry and pull into, or back out of, a [parking] space too fast,” said Los Rios Officer Joe Quirate. “And then they look up. If they don’t see anyone, they drive off.”

Three of the incidents were traffic collisions, according to Quirarte but most of the hit-and-runs involve a collision with a parked vehicle in the parking garage or

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City College goes Beyond the Dream
By | Staff Writer
Sept. 23, 2014

City College welcomes back Alianza’s 2nd Annual Beyond the Dream Conference. The Dream Conference will be held in the Student Center here at City College on Sept. 27 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Beyond the Dream Conference is an outreach conference for undocumented high school students, known as DREAMERS, created by college students.

“[The conference is a way to] give back to our community because we know that information needs to be shared,” said City College Learning Resource

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City College students can earn up to $50 by participating in study
By | Staff Writer
Sept. 23, 2014

The Sacramento Taking Action Against Nicotine Dependence is looking for student researchers and volunteers to help other students quit their smoking addiction when it comes to City College this fall. Training for student researchers will take place at City College Sept. 26.

STAND, a nonprofit partnership group between UC Davis Medical Center and Breathe California, is based on a peer-to-peer research project involving college students introducing information to smokers on campus on how they may be able to quit their smoking habit.

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The sun is rising in the east over the water fountain of city college campus.
By | Staff Writer
Sept. 20, 2014

Living in California, residents are accustomed to the possibility of a summer drought. However with 2014 being the hottest year California has experienced in over a century, there is cause for greater concern. Earlier this year, Gov. Jerry Brown issued a State of Emergency and informed state officials to take action and prepare for the continuation of this year’s drought.

According to director Gregory Hayman of the Operations Office, City College is taking the necessary steps to solve the problem.

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City College welcomes faculty and staff
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Sept. 12, 2014

Sacramento City College welcomed a significant number of newly hired faculty and staff, according to City College President Kathryn Jeffery.Sacramento City College welcomed a significant number of newly hired faculty and staff, according to City College President Kathryn Jeffery.

“This is the first time in a very long time that we have been able to hire the number of faculty that we’ve been able to hire this year,” said Jeffery during her fall 2014 Convocation address. “This is the first time that we’ve been able to hire as many classified employees.”

The new employees are:

Management • Laduan Smedley, Vice President of Administration • Art Pimentel, Dean, West Sacramento Center Full-time Faculty • Randy Allen, Photography/Journalism • Julia Allender, Head Coach Women’s Basketball • Jodi Angel, English • Rubal Brar, Counselor • John Buonauro, Mechanical

Electrical Technology • Linda Costello, Accounting • Mark Dennis, Psychology • Mark Hunter, Mathematics • Bryan Krofchok, Computer

Information Science • Brian Mom, Business Law/Business • Tsz Yan Ngai, Mathematics • Daniel Paulson, Music • Loretta Richard, Tutoring coordinator • Karen Tercho, Librarian • Scott Thompson, Physical Therapy Assistant

Longtime Temporary Faculty • Dominick Green, Chemistry • Betsy Guzzetta, Nursing • Michael Iredale, Nursing •…» Read More

New building to open doors in spring
By | News Editor
Sept. 12, 2014

The New Student Services building, under construction north of the Rodda buildings, is on target to be serving students by mid- to late spring, according to City College Director of Operations Greg Hayman.

Student Services will be located on the first floor of the new building, and the photography and journalism departments will call the second floor home, according to Hayman.

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District-wide parking fee increase
By | Contributing Editor
Sept. 12, 2014

Los Rios students who drive to campus and pay to park in the student parking areas were greeted with a fee increase over the summer as the Los Rios Community College District raised the daily parking permit fee from $1 to $2 at all four campuses.

The increase took effect July 1 and will be accompanied by increases to monthly passes beginning next year. According to district Associate Vice Chancellor of Communications and Media Relations Mitchel Benson, the decision to raise the fees was made at a May 14 district Board of Trustees meeting.

City College Business Services Supervisor Robert Heidt said this is the first increase to parking fees since 1997 when the daily fee went from 75 cents to $1.

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KCRA interviews Express editor on campus about Stanford study
By | Online Editor
Sept. 10, 2014

Linguistic researchers from Stanford University were on campus Friday interviewing City College students as part of a statewide listening tour.

The tour is providing data for a continuing study on regional accents in speech. The researchers specifically targeted City College students who were born and raised in the area.

KCRA conducted a news report on the study Friday and interviewed the Express’s own features editor, Kristopher Hooks.

The following is a link to the report:

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