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April 16

Every year for the past 60, the Journalism Association of Community Colleges presents awards to the best community college journalism in the state at its annual convention, which took place April 11 in Sacramento.

This year several Express staff members won awards in writing, photography, design and multimedia, for a total of six awards. The most impressive win was for first place in the state in video journalism.

Former multimedia editor Tamara Knox, who works in the Cultural Awareness Center on campus, won her award for a multimedia piece she created for Mainline magazine in fall 2014 about a student who does cycle surfing.

Meg Masterson, current editor in chief, won second place for an editorial she wrote about naming the new campus building after Belle Cooledge, an early dean of City College and former Sacramento mayor.

“It was a surprise and a delight to receive an award, especially for an editorial,” said Masterson. “I find writing editorials difficult, so to be recognized for excellence in that field really made me feel good about all of the hard work I put in.”


Below are a list of all awards:

Tamara Knox

1st place video journalism

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April 16

This week, City College student elections were held online April 14-15. The results of the 254 total votes cast for Student Associated Council are now in.

Below is a list of City College’s newest Student Associated Council who will begin its work effective July 1, 2015.

Clubs and Events Board

President: Curtis Rodgers

Vice President: Willie Mays

Secretary: An Dao

Student Senate

President: Marianna Sousa

Vice President: Ansel Chan

Secretary of Legislative Affairs: Miguel Guerrero

Secretary of Sustainability: Paige Schlicht

Senators: John Kenkel and Matthew Metzger

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April 8

City College’s music department will perform George Fredric Handel’s famous oratorio “Messiah” April 11 in the Performing Arts Center.

Handel composed “Messiah” as an offering for Easter in 1741, but the piece has since found a home during Christmas time. The lyrics include passages from Christian books, including the Bible and “Book of Common Prayer.”

Attendees are invited to sing along to such fragments as “He Shall Purify” and the iconic “Hallelujah” chorus. The event is free and doors open at 6:30 p.m. with the performance scheduled to begin at 7 p.m..

Tickets can be purchased at

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April 7

It can be a complex and winding road for those looking to be doctors, surgeons or any another medical profession Mastery of the human body, modern medical advances and willingness for unwavering time commitment are all required to make it far in this field.

The SCC Transfer Center will host a “mini medical conference” April 21 for City College students who are determined to be in the medical field. Students who attend this event will be given information on UC Davis Undergraduate and School of Medicine admissions. Attendees will also learn about the experiences UC Davis Medical students go through, in addition to those of doctors currently working in the field.

The conference will be held in the Student Center from noon to 4 p.m. For more information, contact the Transfer Center at 916-558-2181.

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Secular Student Alliance wins activism award
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April 1

City College’s Secular Student Alliance received an award for outstanding activism from its national counterpart for its contributions to policy change on campus.

The group’s adviser, graphic design Professor Don Button, said it was unexpected. “I was really surprised by all the attention,” said Button in a statement. “It’s gratifying to get this kind of support, though.”

According to the national SSA, City College’s chapter raised the on-campus issue of gender-neutral bathrooms to the administration, asking that all single stall restrooms be converted to gender-neutral, and that all new buildings include gender-neutral bathrooms to make the campus friendlier for transgender students.

“I’m really proud of the student activists who worked so hard on the Sex Positive Week event and were inspired to turn their energy toward making concrete changes on our campus,” said Button.

One of the obstacles in the way of making those changes was time. Button said the process was simple — students filled out a form and submitted it — but it took a long time to get approval.

“It goes to various committees for consideration and to the president to approve,” Button said in a statement. “It took about 10 months.”

The SSA lobby worked. In…» Read More

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March 26

A Christian mother and her atheist daughter, a street preacher, and a philosophy student looking for some extra credit…walk into a bar. Well, in this case, they walk into a debate.

The “Jesus Debate” between Christian writer and filmmaker John Christy and atheist author Dave Fitzgerald March 25 in the City College Student Center focused on sources that claimed whether or not Jesus Christ existed. David Smalley of Dogma Debate acted as moderator, and occasional comic relief, during the debate, sponsored as a collaboration between the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and the Secular Student Alliance.

One of the listeners who happened upon the debate was Alin Patania, who was on campus to return somebody’s phone before the debate began.

“I saw the flier in the library,” said Patania a Christian, “and it drew me. I just had to be here.”

But Patania was not the only Christian at the debate. Moderator Smalley took a quick poll of the audience with almost half identifying themselves as Christians and the other half as athiests. More than 200 people attended the event.

During the debate, Christy and Fitzgerald were given time for an opening statement. Both men presented evidence to prove their points, mentioning…» Read More

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March 23

A debate regarding the divinity of Jesus Christ will be held March 25 in the Student Center.

The debate will be between Christian writer and filmmaker John Christy and atheist author David Fitzgerald. Moderated by David Samlley of Dogma Debate, the event was organized as a joint effort by Sacramento City College’s Secular Student Alliance and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Doors open at 5:30 p.m., and the debate will begin at 6 p.m. An audience Q&A will follow soon after.

Admission is free for all Los Rios students and employees with a valid ID. Otherwise, general admission is $3 at the door. The event will also be broadcasted live online at

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Feb. 27

Three new paid parking kiosks were added in January to the second, third and fourth floors of the parking structure at City College with a payment option for credit cards.

The machines are an upgraded version of the older parking machines still located in the south lot, west lot and north lot. Nine daily parking machines are now available for students, according to Jinky Lampano, a City College police sergeant for the Los Rios Community College District.

“The old machines were very finicky when it rained,” said Lampano.

The machines were exposed to the elements and didn’t print out the permits properly in wet weather, he said.

“Also the bill acceptors were compromised during the rainy season because [the machines don’t] like wet dollar bills,” said Lampano. In addition, the coin slots were easily jammed when he said students used sticky coins.

Lampano said that having a credit card option in the new kiosk machines is beneficial for students because there are now three options for students to pay for parking passes.

The new parking machines are located on the southwest corner of the parking structure near the elevators and stairwell. Students and visitors may purchase tickets for $2, which…» Read More

Pedestrian bridge under construction
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Feb. 15

Construction of a new $10.2 million pedestrian bridge is underway at City College. The bridge will connect the school with the new Curtis Park Village east of campus by spanning the train and light rail tracks. Slated for completion this summer, the bridge will improve pedestrian and bicycle safety, according to the City of Sacramento.

“The construction will require the closure of the access road behind the parking structure and around the back of the campus,” said City College’s public information officer Rick Brewer in a January email. “The road will be closed throughout the spring semester.”

According to an article in the Sacramento Bee last fall, the 174-foot bridge will be built off-site and transported in several pieces City College,. The bridge parts will be assembled next to the tracks and hoisted by a crane onto its foundations.

The bridge’s design will evoke the railyard’s history.

“It’s light and airy and has a bit of an industrial, antique look to it,” said city project manager Ofelia Avalos in The Bee article. “We could have built a boring pedestrian bridge like you see all over, but we wanted this to be iconic, that would attract people and encourage people to…» Read More

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Feb. 8

Take a fun 12-week course Feb. 27-May 15

“Race and Gender in the Media”

JOURNALISM 320, 3 Units (Course #20907) at the West Sacramento Center, Fridays only, 9-1:30 p.m.

Fulfills general ed, multicultural, and IGETC requirements AND discusses issues that matter.

Taught by local journalist and professor Kel Munger at the accessible West Sac Center, corner of West Capitol and Jefferson, next to a convenient RT hub; plenty of parking.

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