City College receives $100K anonymous donation
By | Staff Writer
Jan. 23

City College received an anonymous charitable donation of $100,000 during the winter recess.

The funds were specifically designated for student scholarships, according to Executive Director of College Advancement Mary Leland.

City College has received other large donations in the past – the largest being $1.75 million from a bequest, according to Leland – but the $100,000 donation is significant.

“For a cash gift from a live donor, that’s very important. And we were very excited to get it,” said Leland.

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By | Staff Writer
Dec. 18, 2014

The student associated college’s came together this fall with the Clubs and Events Board after working separately for two years with an agenda of new and old resolutions, beginning with the return of homecoming week.

Current PR Senator Lincoln Scott and Senator Pia Lomboy said that the fall semester is a time when SAC join forces, working to understand individual positions and pass resolutions.

In the spring semester the Senate begins to work on implementing the resolutions. “The main goal is to make sure all the students — and every kind of students’ — needs are met,” said Scott.

According to Frankie Jones, former public relations senator for SAC, this fall started strong after restructuring in the student government created confusion in 2012.

Jones said, “I think this board has been amazingly successful in getting in order because we have a bunch of new senators that are straight out of high school, and when I have been on the board, it has been really dysfunctional. And I have seen this board getting some really good work done.”

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City College gets Condom Connection
By | Editor-in-Chief
Dec. 15, 2014

“PROTECT YOUR PANTHER,” the logo reads on the “Condom Connection” safe-sex golf cart expected to be in service at City College for the spring semester. The specially designed golf cart donated by the Capitol City AIDS Fund to City College will provide condoms along with information on safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases.

At a World AIDS Day memorial event held Dec. 1 at Faces nightclub in midtown, City College Vice President of Instruction Mary Turner accepted keys to the golf cart on behalf of President Kathryn Jeffrey.

“The cart will be an engaging fun way to open up a discussion with our students on a serious topic that is not always easy to discuss,” Turner said.

The donation of the safe-sex cart was coordinated by students in City College Professor Patty Blomberg’s Human Sexuality class as part of their service learning project, according to Rick Brewer, public information officer for City College.

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City College students put into practice what they learn
By | News Editor
Dec. 1, 2014

City college students can enhance their learning experience by turning the community into an extension of the classroom. The Service Learning Program offers students such opportunities in the community to help strengthen their understanding of concepts being taught in a variety of courses.

“These are service learning projects where students go out and they actually participate in the community, and they deepen their experience of concepts and theories they are learning about in the course,” said Pam Flaherty, Service Learning Program coordinator.

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Panthers come up big in second half comeback victory
By | Features Editor
Nov. 23, 2014

City College football defeated Diablo Valley College 41-35 in overtime in the California Community Colleges Athletics Association East Bay Bowl game Nov. 22, closing out the season with a 7-4 record.

Diablo Valley Vikings were in control of the game throughout the first half, and went into halftime with a 28-14 lead. The Vikings scored on their first drive of the third quarter and took a commanding 21-point lead.

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Not just a flu season anymore
By | Staff Writer
Nov. 14, 2014

Every year the fall signals many things, but with the beginning of colder weather on the horizon many Americans are affected directly or indirectly by a not-so-festive bug called the flu. As if the flu and cold season wasn’t precarious enough, 2014 has seemingly added another possible threat to people’s health: the arrival of the Ebola virus.

Recent reports in Maine about nurse Kaci Hickox refusing to abide by a quarantine after returning from aid work in West Africa have added fuel

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Sunspot and rare partial solar eclipse viewed on campus
By | Staff Writer
Nov. 1, 2014

Students witnessed the largest sunspot in almost a quarter-century on Oct. 23 while viewing a rare partial solar eclipse through powerful telescopes from the Physics, Astronomy and Geology Department.

“It’s the largest [sunspot] I’ve ever seen,” said said City College astronomy coordinator and professor of astronomy Liam McDaid.

The phenomonal sunspot named AR12192 is the largest in 24 years and created solar flares intense enough to interfere with global communication systems according to the Space Weather Prediction Center.

Sunspots are areas on the sun where intense magnetic fields are moving. Sunspot AR12192 is about 80,000 miles wide. The sunspot is 10 times the width of Earth and just shy of the width of Jupiter. It appears through a telescope as a light region with a dark spot near the center.

“You can see shifting magnetic fields that appear as lines when looking through the h-alpha [telescope],” said McDaid.

Students initially gathered at the Mohr Hall courtyard to see a partial solar eclipse. The moon blocked an entire 40 percent of the sun during the eclipse at about 3:27 p.m.

“It doesn’t really happen that often,” student Philo Kwan said about the  eclipse.

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Staying ahead of the transfer curve
By | Staff Writer
Nov. 1, 2014

November is a busy month for any college student. Not only do students need to get their grades in order before the fall semester comes to a close, but it is also time for students who are looking to transfer to a UC or CSU next fall, to make sure their applications are completed and submitted by the upcoming Nov. 30 deadline.

The City College Transfer Center has a plethora of resources available for students to take advantage of. Not only does the center have staff members available to help students plan for their academic future, but it is also hosting a number of events aimed to help students make educated decisions about

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