A wrestler with no limitations

City College sophomore Alex Chambers is a star wrestler with a disability that may have hindered most people. Chambers never saw himself as anything but…

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Occupy the trees

Two City College students take their music to new heights and manage to find a break from urban life by hiding behind the lattice of…

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Meditations on a multi-string guitar

Music professor Matthew Grasso knew since he first held a guitar that playing the instrument was something he wanted to do for the rest of…

Learning about people

Photography professor Autumn Payne’s favorite subject to capture with her camera are human interest stories. She believes her natural curiosity helps tie human emotion from picture or video to her want to learn about people.

In addition to teaching photojournalism at City College, Payne is a writer and photographer for a weekly column in the Sacramento Bee called, “I CARE”, where volunteers in the community are celebrated for doing good things.

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Layers of expression

A self described introvert,  Frank Gallardo believes music has layers of meanings to self expression. Gallardo plays a variety of instruments from guitar, keyboards, to…

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Dancing for my ancestors

Angelica Garcia is a City College student who practices Aztec dance that has been passed down from generation to generation. Garcia became interested in Aztec…

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The Bobbit: An Unexpected Budget (Video)

The Bobbit film was produced by the City College film projects class led by Theatre Arts and Film professor Robert Gore. To read about the…

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Video: Many voices of Occupy

The Express news staff went to downtown’s Cesar Chavez Park this fall to capture the grassroots effort by City College students and staff as they…