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Modern dude with an ancient diet

Gabriela Jalili | Guest Writer | Through evolution, early humans struggling to survive developed a taste preference for foods that were high in sugar, salt…

Ctiy College photography professor, Paul Estabrook, poses for a picture outside of Rodda North Hall January 26, 2015 | Emily Foley | Photo Editor |

Photography professor Paul Estabrook

Emma Foley | Photo Editor | Changing, adapting, and still learning One dictionary definition of teaching reads as follows: “Teaching is an act to…

Photo by Emily Foley | Photo Editor |

From Students to Staff: Joshua Roberts

For many, attending community college is a means to earn a degree in order to gain employment. For others, the “community” in community college means working with teachers…

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From Students to Staff: Chris Torres

Chris Torres — once a young single father who dropped out of high school and, at one time, was sleeping on a friend’s couch — has come a long…

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Jerome Coleman: Hard-Knock Life

The haunting screams of sirens pierce the air. Heat sizzles off the asphalt, reflecting shards of broken glass strewn about. In the midst of it,…

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Greg Rose: An Adventure for Every Story

His mornings begin promptly with a 17-mile bike ride from Davis to the City College campus, just like he’s done for the last 14 1/2…

Laura Day a recent City College graduate, celebrates her sobriety and plans to apply to the school's dental hygiene program | Photo by Will Ownbey | Editor-in-Chief |

Road to recovery

When Laura Day and Linda Huizar met in their Sacramento City College chemistry class three years ago, they shared