Professor Kathryn Stanton is the only full-time faculty member in the geology department at City College.
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Rock on, lucky one

Robin Fritz | Staff Writer | From interior design to geology, one professor’s journey to City College academia Kathryn Stanton often accessorizes her work outfits…

"The Deep End" comedy show, hosted by City College students Jon Gomora and Mazzy McDaid.

Local comedians go into the deep end

Rosaura de la Cruz | Staff Writer | City College students host weekly stand-up show downtown Of the many professions in the world, stand-up comedy…

Ursula Yost-Johnson with three of her four children. Photo by Vanessa S. Nelson | Staff Photographer

A delicate balance of survival and success

Elasha Young | Guest Writer | Ursula Yost-Johnson juggles study, work and family with determination and hope Beep, beep, beep, snooze. Beep, beep, beep, snooze….

City College Music professor Kathleen Poe poses for a picture outside of Performing Arts Center.
Christopher Williams // Staff photographer

From football to fugues

Amber Whitaker | Guest Writer | Music department chair encourages students to not let obstacles stand in their way Beside her desk is a brown…

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Modern dude with an ancient diet

Gabriela Jalili | Guest Writer | Through evolution, early humans struggling to survive developed a taste preference for foods that were high in sugar, salt…

Ctiy College photography professor, Paul Estabrook, poses for a picture outside of Rodda North Hall January 26, 2015 | Emily Foley | Photo Editor |

Photography professor Paul Estabrook

Emma Foley | Photo Editor | Changing, adapting, and still learning One dictionary definition of teaching reads as follows: “Teaching is an act to…