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City College head librarian turns the page

The social conscience of Sacramento City College is checking out of the library. Rhonda Rios Kravitz, the dean of Learning Resources, is set to retire…

Linda Huizar hopes to continue her educational goals by entering the Nursing program here at City College. Gabrielle Smith | Photo Editor |

Making the second half of life count

Sober and focused, student pursues nursing goal Linda Huizar | Contributing Writer I learned many valuable lessons while growing up as a child and teenager in…

New women's basketball coach, Julia Allender says she is looking forward to the upcoming season.

New coach looks to continue success

When members of City College women’s basketball team step onto the court for the first time this season, there will be a new person calling…

future and has found a passion for baking. Photo by Emily Foley | Staff Photographer |

The way the cookie crumbles

The kitchen counters are covered with baking supplies. There are broken eggshells and empty food coloring bottles in the trash, as well as sugar scattered throughout the table and floors. Krista Colteaux is exhausted from trying what she thought would be fun, yet it has failed for the fifth time. Who knew it would be so difficult to make the ever-popular confectionary, a macaron?

Colteaux loves to cook, and as of recently has been dipping her hand into the mixing bowl of baked goods—literally. Everyone likes cookies and cupcakes, so she has been baking sweet treats for birthdays, events, and just to satisfy a craving.

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New captain on campus

City College’s new police captain, Chris Day, has transferred from American River College with 20 years of experience under his belt.

“The job is the same; the responsibility of campus safety is the same. It’s just a new location,” said Day.

Day isn’t the only one making a move. Currently, the Los Rios police captains are being rotated for professional development.

“[It’s] so that we know each others’ campuses, staffing and administration for safety concerns and emergencies,” Day explained.

Photo by Elizabeth Ramirez | Staff Photographer | elizabethramirezexpress

Acting out

Standing in the spotlight and speaking in front of a crowd of spectators can be terrifying, but Matt Miller is well rehearsed for performing in front of an audience at any venue.

After performing various roles on the theatrical stage at local and national venues, Miller now inhabits the role of a professor at the venue of City College.

When he is not playing characters like Ebenezer Scrooge or Friar Lawrence, Miller has been lecturing since summer 2013 on the “Introduction to Theater 300” class on campus.

City College professor David Wyatt keeps his pet snake, Mr Big, in his lab.

Biology professor takes hands on approach

A small convoy of four vehicles that carried nine people, climbed through the protected land of the eroded volcanic lava domes of the Sutter Buttes, and passed through several locked gates before it reached its destination.

David Wyatt, a City College field ecology professor and ringtail expert, led the convo. Every quarter mile or so, Wyatt gets out of the car to unlock each gate allowing each of the drivers through.

“This part of the land is owned by sheep herders,” Wyatt says after passing through the first two gates. “Be on the lookout for Fluffy. He might run up to the car at any moment.”

Adrian Elhman performing a card spring with his deck of cards at Espresso Metro April 23. Luisa Morco | Staff Photographer |

Making movie magic

Some people say making movies is magic, but what happens when a magician makes a movie?

City College student Adrian Ehlman is an aspiring film director. Ehlman got his start in filmmaking by performing magic when he was younger. He watched magician DVDs. He was captivated by the editing and quality of magicians’ products. An interest in magic eventually led to an interest in filmmaking.

Ehlman became interested in magic when he was just 5 years old. His dad did a coin trick, took the coin in his hand, blew on it and made it vanish. Ehlman swears he just saw a coin disappear into thin air, and it blew him away.