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New officer on duty

City College has a new officer making the rounds, and he says he’s determined to show the best side of the school’s police department.

“We’re college police, but we’re community police too,” says Sam Esquibel, who works the evening shift on campus.

When he was a kid living in Missouri, Esquibel and his mom and two brothers stayed in an old church run by the Salvation Army. Every year, state troopers would come for Christmas to buy the kids presents and this inspired Esquibel to give back to the community, he says.

City College student Jacky Fu started playing Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in the fifth grade and since then has been Yu-Gi-Oh! playing position.

Yu-Gi-Oh: Not just a card game

The smell of Body odor of cheap plastic tabletops. Posters plastered on every wall. This is what it feels like to be in a comic…

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Lending a hand

IMAGINE WAKING UP EARLY before the sun has risen. Frost still covers your car. You arrive one half-hour early to prepare for a 10-hour day….

Custodians Jerry Pear (left) and Harry Outlaw (right) at the City College receiving dock.

Custodial conversation

A FLEET OF SMALL “cone orange” trucks sits dormant outside the receiving area at City College as the custodial staff takes a mid-morning break. This…

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Empowering youth to overcome challenges

Chris Robinson, 29, a student at City College who is majoring in interpersonal communications, says he is trying to fulfill a personal dream to provide mentoring to needy Sacramento. Robinson says he helps teens face their negativity, ignorance about being responsible for their actions and lack of positive self-image when he helps them recognize their own power of conscious choice.

Professor Lois Zeimet with her husband, Stewart, who she calls “my hero, my rock.” Photo courtesy of Lois Zeimet.

A new appreciation for life

IT BEGAN ON A relatively routine week in the fall of 2001 for City College philosophy Professor Lois Zeimet: She commuted to work, taught class,…

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Get your groove on

THE CITY COLLEGE JAZZ, Cheer and Stomp dance teams kicked off Fall Club Day with a bang Sept. 26, drawing a large crowd to the…

Sophomore Alex Chambers wrestles alumnus Mark Pfeifer during the City College alumni scrimmage match Sept. 13.
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Wrestling with attitude

Little boys wrestle. It’s what they do. From adolescence through high school, they grapple, tackle, and take each other down. And, every now and then,…

Gallaudet graduate professor Kevin Clark has taught A.S.L. at City
College for 10 years.

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The sweet sound of silence

Turn off your voice. Speak with your hands. Exclaim with your eyes. Express with your body. Listen with your heart. These are the rules for City College professor Kevin…