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Poetic Justice

The family business: a destiny fulfilled for some and a launching point for others. For Sacramento’s newly anointed poet laureate, adjunct City College and Sacramento…

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Writing dangerously

Open a vein. Let the words drip, drip, drip from you to the page. Publish. Repeat.

Over the past 15 years, Steve Cirrone, City College English professor, has spilled enough blood to write six plays, two novels, numerous short stories and several magazine articles.

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Small actors, big talent

The incredible thing about FMP is that it is completely staffed by kids. From the lights to the sound to publicity, and the board of directors, there isn’t a soul involved in FMP who would be allowed into a bar that serves liquor.

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Tunnel vision

Occasionally a hokey story about downtown Sacramento’s secret underground tunnels will appear on a local news broadcast. A tactless reporter with a flashlight and hardhat will drag a decidedly unenthused cameraman into one of the city’s hidden tunnels, and tell a tale of the ghosts that haunt it.

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Learning from the past

Just five years ago, she says was addicted to methamphetamine, had lost her boyfriend, and had her child taken into protective custody. As of today, she’s earned three associate degrees and a certificate in social work, supports herself and her son, and as of Aug. 26, she’ll celebrate five years clean.

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He wants you!

Jeremiah Lewis wants you to know that you’re an American Failure. However, he wants you to flaunt it like he does.

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Dark history, bright future

Lowrie describes her work as edgy.

“That’s the common word I hear most from people. I never know what to say about it. It just ‘is’ to me.”

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A tireless beat

When he isn’t attending music classes or making coffee drinks, Paez writes, records and produces his own electronic music in a Sacramento scene that is not yet the most accessible for new dance music.