A man stands in the office facing the camera.

A man of service

His stride is still long, and his stance is still tall.  His demeanor exudes confidence.  From a glance you would not know it, but he…

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Internship hunter

Being born as the middle child and only daughter in a traditional Hmong family, May Yang understands being an underdog and fighting for attention. She…

City College sign language professor, Pat Masterson, uses exaggerate facial expressions to capture attention and excite her students without sound while she teaches. Tony Wallin |

The silent world of sign language

A world without sound. The sound of the rain pouring onto a tin overhang, gone. The sound of a sultry singer’s smooth falsettos, gone. The…

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A love for words

City College student and poet Marlette Reaves is a 23-year-old English major who says she’s known for her trademark love poems that were influenced by her yearning for true…

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The right business decision

Economics professor Sandra Camarenasays she believes that teaching the basic principles of economics should be taught in manner in which students can grasp realism. She…

A man with a camera.

A life in film

  Wheeling more than 100 pounds of camera equipment into the room, professor Nathan Schemel sets up a complicated system of metal poles, gears, and wheels that grip across…

A male instructor.

Born to teach: the ‘wise facilitator’

Teachers are about as diverse as classrooms. Some may be mean, others empathetic. Some grade hard, some give extra credit. And some are just born to…

A woman in glasses and dark hair wearing a light blue blouse stands outside in the City College quad.

From City College student to public relations employee

After entering Rodda Hall North, Room 277, with a quick turn to the left past a humble setting of desks and workspace equipment will lead to the first point of contact for the media and the public at City College.

This is where Crystal Lee can be found. Lee, 29, a former City College student, is the new full-time City College public relations technician. Until Amanda Davis returns from maternity leave, Lee

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For the love of lyrics

MF Doom, Talib Kweli, CL Smooth, Mos Def and Common are all some of the greatest hip-hop lyricists, and one day Alberto Rocha hopes he…

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Just can’t get away

The room is cold. Cluttered. Simple. No computer on the desk, no phone on the wall. The only glimpse of life in the tiny office is the…