A journey in words

Overlooking the sea of students among the tables and burgundy chairs, he sits with his newsboy cap lowered, chair turned backside toward the table, and…

Dat Tran, a biology major at City College, has been in the United States for over 2 years since leaving his home country Vietnam. He wants to be a pediatrician and help kids when he is done with school. Tony Wallin |

Living the dream

A 15-year-old boy in the southern part of Vietnam fell down his stairs and broke his knee. Needing surgery that would cost more than what…

English professor Janna Maron holds the literary magazine, "Under the Gum Tree" which she is an editor of

Standing out in a crowd

The red boots called to her from the thrift store shelf. She wanted them, but she convinced herself she wouldn’t wear them. The boots taunted…

A male DJ performs in front of a crowded venue.


Alter egos make for great entertainment. Take, for example, Marshall Mathers. As Eminem, Mathers made it big. And on the silver screen, as well as…

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City College professor gives back to troops

It can be hard for people to look past the green grass on their own side of the fence to see a neighborhood infested with weeds.

The timeless argument of “walk–a-mile” in someone else’s shoes is hard to comprehend when the person is thousands of miles away and they’re wearing combat boots.

Professor of Computer Information Science Sheley Little admits to her once obliviousness to the trials and tribulations of the United State’s military troops.

That was until her son was deployed to Afghanistan last December. Little says that fear, concern, and realization all hit home when her baby boy was sent into combat.

It was then when her primal motherly instinct took over.

Little says she needed to feel proactive. She found a way

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For the love of art

City College’s only art historian, Valerie Kidrick, shows students the true meaning behind art by examining the culture that created it.

Once a lawyer, and now a doctor in art history, Kidrick talks of her love for the Italian Renaissance, teaching, and the challenges she had to overcome to get where she is today.

A man playing a stand-up bass.

Life of the Jazzman

The bar is dark and you can hear the clink of glasses and laughter. But only just. There is a jazz combo on stage and…

Artist Arthur Gonzalez (left) signs an autograph for student Allan Pryor, art major.  Kelvin Sanders,

Art of Rejection

Displayed on the stark white walls are 33 letters sent to art galleries, jobs and art programs. 33 letters of hope asking for an opportunity,…

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A teacher with a solid plan

The quality of the education someone receives is said to be only as good as the quality of their teachers. There is no doubt that…

Football helmets and shoulder pads located in a storeroom.

An athlete’s passion for the game

City College has a vast variety of students filled with athletic talent and is well-known for having outs tanding sports programs, which allow students, who…