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Get your groove on

THE CITY COLLEGE JAZZ, Cheer and Stomp dance teams kicked off Fall Club Day with a bang Sept. 26, drawing a large crowd to the…

Wrestling with attitude

Little boys wrestle. It’s what they do. From adolescence through high school, they grapple, tackle, and take each other down. And, every now and then,…

The sweet sound of silence

Turn off your voice. Speak with your hands. Exclaim with your eyes. Express with your body. Listen with your heart. These are the rules for City College professor Kevin…

One step back, two steps forward

Heather Oakley loves baseball. Her father coaches the sport, and she has been playing since she was 5 years old. For Oakley, a first-base player, the softball field has been a home away from home for years. But there is one softball field she hopes to never step on again.

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Rise to the occasion

Tomatoes for $3? JuanLaChica says that is something he cannot get used to paying. Tomatoes are the same produce he picked in the Central Valley…

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It’s OK to be a little different

The dirty t-shirt, holey jeans, glasses and Afro will make you look twice. After you ask him how his day is and he explains how…

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All the right stuff

The background action is seemingly unruly asseveral male athletes loudly bombard the room, taking helmets, shoulder pads and searching for other gear before practice. In…

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Add Just A Dash of Something Extra

At the sliding glass doors of Rodda South, she heard it for the umpteenth time. “What’s up, Subway girl?” The young man got too close,…

This guy gives back to City College students

When someone says, “school nurse,” the mind conjures a picture of that older woman who placed a Band-Aid on a scraped knee and handed out suckers. One Sacramento City College nurse does not fit that vision.

One member of the City College nursing staff goes beyond just his school nurse occupation to make time for what makes him feel good. Whether it’s volunteering, coaching basketball, or giving back to the community with his own non- profit organization, Jeffery Christian, 43, is a role model in every way to his family and his students.

Space Walker

Being a starving artist is a rite of passage in the music industry. Having to struggle for your music gives it a soul. Nothing could…