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The Nisei Diploma Project

Imagine being in class, listening to your English teacher talking about the next essay that’s due when all of the sudden, you are forced to…

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From Egypt to City College

A mass of people traveled out of Egypt on an epic journey across the desert, mountains and seas—but no, Charlton Heston did not part the…

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Dying to be beautiful

Friends and family of those suffering eating disorders have a responsibility to speak up and offer help that may save a life, a City College…

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Public RT hearing sounds like change

In response to a $13 million deficit in the 2010 fiscal year and an expected $25 million deficit for the 2011 fiscal year, Sacramento Regional Transit District is considering making some changes to public transportation.

A public hearing was held Monday, March 8 at the Regional Transit Auditorium, located at 1400 29th Street. More than 250 public transportation users showed up to address their concerns…

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Kitties kitties everywhere!

They hide in the bushes, watch students walk to class, live on the campus and have the ability to multiply. They’re cute, furry and sneaky….

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No longer a man’s world

While a March 2009 study published in the American Psychological Association’s Psychological Bulletin suggested that women are underrepresented in science and math-intensive fields in the…