Same battle, different fight for Panthers' brothers
By | Features Editor
Oct. 28, 2014

Wrestlers typically work alone on the mat when they take on an opponent, and, to onlookers, it may appear that teamwork is not a factor in an athlete’s performance. But City College wrestling brothers Jorge and Albert Landeros consider themselves a supportive team on and off the mat.

Jorge, 22, and Albert, 19, hail from Tracy, California, and graduated from Tracy High School in 2010 and 2013, respectively.

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Bringing the fun in fundraising
By | Staff Writer
Oct. 28, 2014

The City College community enjoyed three days of food, music and craft booths last week during the twice-a-year festival sponsored by Student Leadership and Development.

The Fall Arts & Crafts Faire, which ended Thursday, Oct. 23, was meant to “bring the community together to see what local and non-local vendors have,” said SLD student assistant Annalea Padilla. “I think we accomplished that.”

Padilla said she found the crafted jewelry particularly enjoyable.

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Enter if you dare
By | Managing Editor
Oct. 27, 2014

As Halloween approaches, ghoulish attractions and shows rise to frighten and delight scare-seekers. This year, the Express visited four of the region’s headliner haunted houses.

Heartstoppers Haunted House

2300 Mine Shaft Lane, Rancho Cordova

Admission: $20 to $25, depending on the night you attend

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Sacramento’s haunted locales
By | Staff writer
Oct. 24, 2014

Halloween is the time to celebrate the things that, for lack of a better phrase, go bump in the night.

Homes will soon be dressed with plastic skeletons, rubber bats and other spooky decorations in pretense that they are haunted by specters from beyond the grave.

However, some places in Sacramento are thought to be haunted by supernatural or ghostly presences. With Halloween on the horizon, now might be a good time to hunt for ghosts at some of these rumored haunted places.

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Turning away from ‘good’ violence
By | Staff Writer
Oct. 21, 2014

Israeli American poet and activist Moriel Rothman-Zecher visited City College Oct. 1 to share several personal stories that helped influence his current outspoken activism to help end the war in Palestine.

To an audience of students and faculty members assembled in the Cultural Awareness Center, Rothman-Zecher first described when he was 9 years old in Ohio. A fierce act in defending a friend from being bullied instilled in him a mentality of ‘good violence:’ using violence to stop another act of violence or injustice happening in the world.

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How to put holes in your body
By | Staff Writer
Oct. 15, 2014

Body modification, known as body mods, seems to be all the rage these days. Gauges, and piercings are more popular than ever, but so are infections, rejections and the career shutouts that come along with them. Most problems can be prevented with proper post-care and common sense.

Body modification can be a tricky situation. Using a professional is the safest route, but there is always some risk with every mod. Always do your research before you have someone give you something permanent.

“Always make sure your shop is state and

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A ghostly play haunts City College
By | Staff Writer
Oct. 10, 2014

The sounds of power drills and hammers echoed from across the hall as set builders put the last nails and screws into the freshly built set inside the Art Court Theatre the day before opening night.

The smell of hairspray filled the makeup room as the performers added the final touches to their costumes before going on stage.

Before “The Uninvited” opened Sept. 26 at City Theatre, the cast and crew spent four weeks

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By | Staff Writer
Oct. 10, 2014

The fall 2014 semester is well underway, and as summer slowly fades into a memory, the pressure of course work descending upon students can be felt as clearly as the changing autumn air.

Although time may be be limited for many students in the upcoming weeks, study breaks, stress related insomnia and any spare time students can find will provide good reasons to watch, or DVR, these fall TV shows.

The following shows cover the popular themes in television, including strong female leads in gritty political drama’s, medical and crime drama’s, comedies, the supernatural and superheroes. Some shows start earlier in the season than others. With streaming sites like Hulu, most episodes are available to watch after the airdate for free or for a small fee. Some networks also allow new episodes to be watched via OnDemand or on network specific streaming apps.

Strong Female Lead;

“Madam Secretary,” starring Tea Leoni, airs Sundays on CBS. This show delves into the professional world, and the private life of the fictional Secretary Of State, as she deals with national and world crises as well as working through the stresses in her everyday home life. “State of Affairs,” starring Katherine Heigl, will air…» Read More

By | Sports Editor
Oct. 8, 2014

Crowds of people gather in sports bars with stat sheets and laptops in front of them. A group of guys over a buddy’s house sitting around a chalkboard with names and round numbers written on it. A single individual frantically waiting as he looks at the timer on his phone counting down. What is going on, one might ask? The answer is fantasy football.

Fantasy football allows users to draft and manage their own team like an actual NFL owner. According to Yahoo’s sports fantasy football site, every week fantasy football owners set their starting rosters while watching their players put up points each week based on their individual statistics.

City College football head Coach Dannie Walker says there are players who are must-haves when drafting a fantasy football team.

“If I had the first pick in the draft, I would take one of the top three quarterbacks, (Peyton) Manning, (Drew) Brees, (Aaron) Rodgers. I played in a fantasy football league this year, and I chose a quarterback first,” said Walker.

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City College head librarian turns the page
By | Editor_in_Chief
Oct. 8, 2014

The social conscience of Sacramento City College is checking out of the library. Rhonda Rios Kravitz, the dean of Learning Resources, is set to retire this month. A mentor, activist and role model for students, colleagues and the community, Rios Kravitz is more than the head college librarian to many people on campus.

Students, faculty and staff gathered for a party in late September at the Cultural Awareness Center in her honor. Bob Marley’s “Get Up, Stand Up” and other songs of social revolution played in the background, while Rios-Kravitz circulated the room to greet each person by name.

“If you want to know what she means to this college, all you have to do is look at the number of students who attended,” says history Professor Riad Bahur. “You never see this many students at a faculty retirement party.”

Like many of her colleagues at the party, Gayle Pitman, professor of psychology, says she admires Rios Kravitz’s convictions on equal opportunity for all, education and many other social issues.

“She is so passionate, strong, committed to the students and social justice,” says Pitman. “She is a beacon of light for me.”

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