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Oct. 10

The fall 2014 semester is well underway, and as summer slowly fades into a memory, the pressure of course work descending upon students can be felt as clearly as the changing autumn air.

Although time may be be limited for many students in the upcoming weeks, study breaks, stress related insomnia and any spare time students can find will provide good reasons to watch, or DVR, these fall TV shows.

The following shows cover the popular themes in television, including strong female leads in gritty political drama’s, medical and crime drama’s, comedies, the supernatural and superheroes. Some shows start earlier in the season than others. With streaming sites like Hulu, most episodes are available to watch after the airdate for free or for a small fee. Some networks also allow new episodes to be watched via OnDemand or on network specific streaming apps.

Strong Female Lead;

“Madam Secretary,” starring Tea Leoni, airs Sundays on CBS. This show delves into the professional world, and the private life of the fictional Secretary Of State, as she deals with national and world crises as well as working through the stresses in her everyday home life. “State of Affairs,” starring Katherine Heigl, will air…» Read More

By | Sports Editor
Oct. 8

Crowds of people gather in sports bars with stat sheets and laptops in front of them. A group of guys over a buddy’s house sitting around a chalkboard with names and round numbers written on it. A single individual frantically waiting as he looks at the timer on his phone counting down. What is going on, one might ask? The answer is fantasy football.

Fantasy football allows users to draft and manage their own team like an actual NFL owner. According to Yahoo’s sports fantasy football site, every week fantasy football owners set their starting rosters while watching their players put up points each week based on their individual statistics.

City College football head Coach Dannie Walker says there are players who are must-haves when drafting a fantasy football team.

“If I had the first pick in the draft, I would take one of the top three quarterbacks, (Peyton) Manning, (Drew) Brees, (Aaron) Rodgers. I played in a fantasy football league this year, and I chose a quarterback first,” said Walker.

While the outcome of each game is similar with winning and losing, each league, according to the Yahoo site, is different in scoring settings. Some leagues have individual defensive…» Read More

City College head librarian turns the page
By | Editor_in_Chief
Oct. 8

The social conscience of Sacramento City College is checking out of the library. Rhonda Rios Kravitz, the dean of Learning Resources, is set to retire this month. A mentor, activist and role model for students, colleagues and the community, Rios Kravitz is more than the head college librarian to many people on campus.

Students, faculty and staff gathered for a party in late September at the Cultural Awareness Center in her honor. Bob Marley’s “Get Up, Stand Up” and other songs of social revolution played in the background, while Rios-Kravitz circulated the room to greet each person by name.

“If you want to know what she means to this college, all you have to do is look at the number of students who attended,” says history Professor Riad Bahur. “You never see this many students at a faculty retirement party.”

Like many of her colleagues at the party, Gayle Pitman, professor of psychology, says she admires Rios Kravitz’s convictions on equal opportunity for all, education and many other social issues.

“She is so passionate, strong, committed to the students and social justice,” says Pitman. “She is a beacon of light for me.”

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City Theater hosts 29½ Hour Playwriting Festival
By | Staff Writer
Sept. 27








An audience gathered Sept. 14 at City College’s Performing Arts Center to watch several new plays written just one day before the show.

City Theater launched its 15th annual 29ó Hour Playwriting Festival Sept. 13 when it presented a challenge to eight aspiring playwrights. Each playwright was tasked with writing a 10-minute play that incorporated the following prompt: “A cup in my car. A = bandlight on the rosebush. Not from Hamlet.”

The theme, according to City College Theater Professor Luther Hanson, who also coordinated the festival, was tailored in the style of a Zen riddle to force the playwrights to write something unusual.

“I think it’s fun to give the writers a theme and watch their heads explode,” said Hanson.

“Last year’s [theme] was ‘Brrr, that’s a cold fusion.’” City Theater actor Juan Ramos participated this year as a playwright. This was his third time doing the festival and Ramos, said this year’s prompt was more difficult than his previous experiences.

“I do it for the challenge because you have no idea what the theme is going to be,” said Ramos.

The guidelines for each play were as follows: each…» Read More

Communications professor broadens students’ horizons
By | Guest Writer
Sept. 27

Throughout your college career, you will meet professors who will hold your hand through the semester, sugar coat everything and make class a breeze to complete. Not professor Kimberly Church.

Church has been teaching at City College since 2001. She has developed a deep understanding and respect for community colleges and the students who are attending and dedicated to learning. She incorporates not only the importance of communication in her courses, but the need to be an active member of society.

“Anyone who knows Kimberly Church has

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Students consider transfer opportunities
By | Editor-in-Chief
Sept. 27

The City College Transfer Center hosted its 19th annual Transfer Day Sept. 22 on the quad with over 60 universities in attendance. Students were able to browse materials and meet with representatives from various institutions across the country.

Victoria Sanderson said she was encouraged by a counselor to window-shop the different schools while she was sitting in the Student Center during her lunch break.

“I really was surprised to find a school with exactly what I was interested in,” said Sanderson, who is considering a future career in publishing. “I have been before, and they usually don’t have the major I am interested in.”

From California universities to New York art and film schools, the annual event offered students a chance to explore educational opportunities they may not have otherwise considered, according to the Transfer Center.

For more information regarding transferring and educational planning, visit the Transfer Center’s website at www.scc.losrios.edu/transfercenter or call at (916) 558-2181.

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City Theatre wins big at Elly Awards
By | Managing Editor
Sept. 27

City Theatre took home five awards at the Sacramento Area Regional Theatre Alliance’s Elly Award Ceremony on Sunday, including the award for Best Overall Production in a Comedy for “Scapino!”

While California Stage Company earned bragging rights as the most-awarded theater of the year with six wins, City Theatre was right behind, tied for the second-most with Green Valley Theatre Company. Both companies took home five awards.

The company with the third-most awards was Falcon’s Eye Theatre at Folsom Lake

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Bands, banners and barbeque
By | Staff Writer
Sept. 16

Students and visitors who made it out to City College Sept. 11, were delighted by live music, $3 barbecue lunches and school clubs competing for their attention.

Centrally located in the quad, a nearly 12-foot banner proclaimed in all caps: “WELCOME DAY.” Music resounded across campus, in a cover of the song “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams.

A sizable crowd gathered for the contemporary melodies of the band Solsa, and at least a few among the audience were jammin’ out to the beat, notably a girl with pink hair and a dinosaur tail.

Flanked by towering red and yellow Cultural Awareness Center banners, the band also did a duet of “Treasure” by Bruno Mars.

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Making the second half of life count
By | Contributing Writer
Sept. 16

I learned many valuable lessons while growing up as a child and teenager in a dysfunctional household. One of the most important lessons I learned is how to be a compassionate and caring person toward others, and not to judge or hate others for their circumstances.

Since I spent the first half of my life discovering my own purpose in life. I would like to spend the second half of my life working toward helping others and giving back to my community. My career goal is to become a Registered Nurse, and I would like to work in a facility that allows me to help those less fortunate and to make life-changing differences.

I was born to a military father and welfare mother in 1972. We were very

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Sept. 15

Welcome to Sacramento City College. Here is a list of dates, deadlines, tips and tricks to help you navigate your school year, find a toilet, scavenge for provisions and prepare you to survive an academic situation you may encounter.





Located next to the Student Union and South Gym on the north end of the Quad. Operated by Aramark Food service, the café features a grill with hamburgers and such, pre-prepared sushi, made-to-order deli sandwiches and burritos, build-a bowl noodle bar, pre-made salads and a variety of snack foods.




Located next to the City Café. Java City offers the standard variety of hot and cold coffee drinks.




Vending machines with snacks are located across from the City Café next to the South Gym or in the walkway between Lillard and Mohr halls. Soft drink vending machines are located…» Read More