Gayle Pitman for Relationship Piece

Love changes everything

Kay Barnes | Features Editor | kaybexpress@gmail.com City College students and staff weigh in on how in relationships have changed them With Valentine’s Day over, savvy…

Old Soul Co., Temple Coff ee Roasters, Insight Coff ee, Chocolate Fish Coff ee Roasters, and many more local craft
coff ee establishments in Sacramento put a new spin on a classic drink.

Sacramento’s rising artistry of roasting

Zachary FR Anderson · Garrick Wong | Staff Writers | zachanderson.express@gmail.com · garrick4wong@gmail.com Temple, Insight Coffee, Chocolate Fish and Old Soul Co. bring quality coffee to…

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Fodder and libations

Garrick Wong | Staff Writer | garrick4wong@gmail.com Dining options on and around City College’s main campus for hungry hungry students As the morning mist begins to…

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City Theatre’s backstage pass

A new year brings new talent to City College’s theatre arts department with a main stage production of “The Cradle will Rock,” playing in the…

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A delicate balance of survival and success

Beep, beep, beep, snooze. Beep, beep, beep, snooze. Five more minutes, and the alarm clock still manages to win the fight every morning. Wake up,…

City College Music professor Kathleen Poe poses for a picture outside of Performing Arts Center.
Christopher Williams // Staff photographer

From football to fugues

Beside her desk is a brown push-pin corkboard with pictures telling the story of her life. She turns her head to look at them, staring…

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Modern dude with an ancient diet

Through evolution, early humans struggling to survive developed a taste preference for foods that were high in sugar, salt and fat. Fast forward a few…

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Lexophiles say grammar matters

Biology major Mario Hernandez recalls that his teachers in the past always told him to never start a sentence with the word “because.”

“Then I got to college, and my English teachers said I could,” he said. “I didn’t know who to believe and had a hard time those first few semesters.”

This is just one rule students have difficulty with when using “correct” grammar. However, which is correct? According to experts, that depends on which method of linguistics used.

There are two types: descriptive and prescriptive. According to oxforddictionary.com, descriptive language is “describing or classifying in an objective and non-judgmental way.” Under this method, descriptivists believe non-standard usage shouldn’t be thought of as “wrong.”

Ctiy College photography professor, Paul Estabrook, poses for a picture outside of Rodda North Hall January 26, 2015 | Emily Foley | Photo Editor | emmajfoley@gmail.com

Photography professor Paul Estabrook

One dictionary definition of teaching reads as follows: “Teaching is an act to impart knowledge or skill.” Professional photographer and City College photography professor Paul…