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City College cosmetology provides services for all
By | Staff Writer
April 30

Hair, make up, nails are all important aspects of the cosmetology department at City College. The head of the cosmetology department, Marcia Bonawitz, has a great passion for teaching cosmetology at the college.

“I’ve always loved teaching, since I was younger,” said Bonawitz “I used to set up a chalk board in my room and call in my siblings to play teacher with them.”

Bonawitz has taught at eight different beauty schools in her career before coming to City College, including three Federico beauty schools, two country club hairstyling schools, Lyle’s cosmetology and three different Jerry Lee cosmetology schools.

The cosmetology program provides a variety of services for students and staff attending City College as well as the public. Today the services provided were free nail polish changes and paintings by the future nail techs of City College.

“It is a hands on experience for the students so they get practice for their state board exam at the end of the semester”, explained Bonawitz.

She explained that in order to pass the exam the nail tech students must know and conduct everything they learned from the program in order to get their license.

Kanesha Jackson, a nail tech student who…» Read More

Sacramento’s rising artistry of roasting
By | Staff Writers
April 19

There is a coffee grower in a Latin American country who, through a string of contacts and coincidence fueled by the fervor of commerce, is producing a product that will end up in the mug of a thirsty patron somewhere in the greater Sacramento area.

It will end up at one of the four local coffee roasters in town, which include the Midtown location of Temple at 29th and S streets, home to the roasting operation for the expanding local coffee brand. It is also home to resident roaster Jeff Deane.

According to a 2014 article in the Sacramento Business Journal, Sacramento has become one of the best coffee cities in California. In the past decade a growing and demanding trend for coffee has emerged, and thirsty patrons are on a quest to fi nd some of the best coffees in Sacramento.

This is a recent trend with Temple, founded in 2005 and now planning to add two new locations by the end of this year. Temple, along with local roasters Insight Coffee, Old Soul Co., and Chocolate Fish, make up what Magpie Cafe owner Ed Roehr calls “the third wave.”

The fi rst wave of coffee popularity was the…» Read More

Fodder and libations
By | Staff Writer
April 14

As the morning mist begins to evaporate and a spring breeze starts to blow across City College’s campus, the echo of footsteps can be heard as students exit classrooms.

The time: noon. The mission: lunch.

Students and staff need not be limited to only the cafeteria at City College. The area surrounding City College’s main campus offers a variety of quick and easy food choices.

The on-campus cafeteria caters to students and provides easy access to different food options, whether it’s a quick coffee before class or a more substantial meal.

Elizabeth Silva, a theater arts major at City College, said she eats at the cafeteria three to four times a week because the food on the campus is convenient.

“[The cafeteria food] is fast and efficient, and I haven’t gotten sick from the food from here,” said Silva. “But I think they can have more variety on vegetable options.”

Another nearby choice is Espresso Metropolitan, commonly known as Espresso Metro or Metro, located next to City College in Land Park. Espresso Metro offers an array of food and beverages from specialty espresso drinks to coffee to homemade baked goods and soup.

Lhiannan Buck-Gay, a women’s studies major at City…» Read More

City Theatre's backstage pass
By | Staff Writer
March 4

A new year brings new talent to City College’s theatre arts department with a main stage production of “The Cradle will Rock,” playing in the Main Auditorium of the Performing Arts Center through Mar. 22.

However, what audiences see on stage is only a small fraction of what happens in the theater department. A whole production team works behind the scenes on everything from lighting and costumes to sets and sound to put a play onstage.

The production team has worked in both the auditorium and in classrooms to prepare for the show. Since “The Cradle Will Rock” is a musical, the actors have worked extensively with voice and choral music professor Daniel Paulson, who said he has enjoyed his first year working for City College.

“The students in the theater department have been a delight to work with,” he said. “They are very committed, dedicated and hard working. They have invested in my vocal pedagogy and are seeing huge results.”

Paulson said he was delighted at the opportunity to assist with the musical, despite what the student actors said about the difficulty of learning the music.

“Singing can be fun, but it’s not my top tier of choices. But…» Read More

Before I die, I want to…
By | Features Editor
Nov. 25, 2014

On the outside wall of City College’s cafeteria, a blackboard has been erected with the words “Before I die, I want to…” written all over it, inviting passers-by to complete the sentence.

The reflection wall is part of the “Before I Die Project” that psychology Professor Joanne Moylan-Aube recently brought to campus.

“We will all die someday… on this we can count,” said Moylan-Aube. “The blackboard gives people the chance to reflect on that

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Sweets delivered directly to locals' doors
By | Staff Writer
Nov. 22, 2014

The smell of fresh-baked cookies starts to fill the air on a beautiful, crisp fall evening. It’s Friday and the crew over at Cookies & Milk is hard at work, baking the first batches of cookies that will soon be delivered throughout the greater midtown area.

Over the past couple of years, this up-and-coming Sacramento-based company has made access to

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City Theater hosts 29½ Hour Playwriting Festival
By | Staff Writer
Sept. 27, 2014








An audience gathered Sept. 14 at City College’s Performing Arts Center to watch several new plays written just one day before the show.

City Theater launched its 15th annual 29ó Hour Playwriting Festival Sept. 13 when it presented a challenge to eight aspiring playwrights. Each playwright was tasked with writing a 10-minute play that incorporated the following prompt: “A cup in my car. A = bandlight on the rosebush. Not from Hamlet.”

The theme, according to City College Theater Professor Luther Hanson, who also coordinated the festival, was tailored in the style of a Zen riddle to force the playwrights to write something unusual.

“I think it’s fun to give the writers a theme and watch their heads explode,” said Hanson.

“Last year’s [theme] was ‘Brrr, that’s a cold fusion.’” City Theater actor Juan Ramos participated this year as a playwright. This was his third time doing the festival and Ramos, said this year’s prompt was more difficult than his previous experiences.

“I do it for the challenge because you have no idea what the theme is going to be,” said Ramos.

The guidelines for each play were as follows: each…» Read More

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May 11, 2014

The diversity at City College is reflected not only with its growing ethnic minority populations, but also in the various social, financial and academic backgrounds of its students.

For years, community colleges and universities were the domain of the traditional student—a student who lived at home or received financial support from his or her parents or a student who entered college right out of high school.

At one point in time, the nontraditional student—students who work full or part-time, older students returning after a long hiatus, or the single parent—was considered an enigma on the college campus. Now, with 63 percent of City College students considered nontraditional, the diversity across our campus mirrors the demographics of campuses across America.

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Free Library Scans
By | Staff Writer
Dec. 13, 2013

Do you have a USB, and are you tired of spending 10 cents for a copy of a document?

Now, students can scan directly to their personal flash drives for free on the scanners in the Learning Resource Center’s (LRC) second floor.

Students can plug in any USB device with memory, and copy scan reserved books, reference books or other books not intended for general circulation. Two printers, #3 and #5, have the function, and they are to the right after you go up the stairs to the second floor.

“It’s a boon to the students,” said Ben Wingard, who provides help at the Reference Desk on the second floor of the LRC. “This saves the campus paper. We’re a little lighter on resources.”

“It’s a good way for the campus to be green and save paper.” Wingard added.

As part of another student Senate initiative, scanning has already been enabled at the other three Los Rios campuses.

“It’s super exciting. I use them,” said Page Schlicht, the student senator in charge of Legislative Affairs.

“On top of that, you save money. That’s the biggest thing, you don’t pay 10 cents per scan and it doesn’t use up any paper…» Read More

The new club that gives back to the community
By | Staff Writer
Dec. 12, 2013

There is a new club on campus and it’s determined to help the community.

Rotaract has only been a club at City College for a few weeks, but is already making big strides to help others.

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, Rotaract handed out turkeys and other food, along with clothes, blankets coats, and toys to more than 400 families at the West Sacramento Children’s Alliance Center, along with the centennial rotary club of West Sacramento.

“When you see everybody smile, it makes you forget how sore you are,” said Monica Sepulveda, the president and founder of Rotaract. She has been giving back at Thanksgiving for years now. Sepulveda is a communication major and hopes to go to law school.

On Nov. 15, the group had a bicycle rodeo at South Port Elementary. Club members handed out bicycle helmets provided by U.C. Davis and gave tips on how to be safe on the road.

Rotaract is planning a variety of events in the upcoming semester, such as hosting a Water Walk, which will raise donations for people around the world who have to walk long distances to get water. A meals-on-wheels program is in the works, as well as working with…» Read More