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May 13

Future designers will be showcasing their work from the 2014-2015 academic year May 14 at the Graphic Communication Department’s Year End Show.

“This event will educate people about graphic design, people who might be interested about learning more, and also provide insight for students who might want to pursue graphic design,” says Don Button, a City College graphic design professor who says the show has been going on for at least eight years.

Over 200 graphic design pieces will be presented for attendees. Some examples of works include: 3-D printer models, video games, Web design and animations and traditional print, graphic and Web design pieces.

The event will take place from 4-7 p.m. in City College’s Cosmetology Building.

Admission is free and snacks will be provided.

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Keeping education front and center
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May 7

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) paid a visit to the City College Student Center Monday afternoon to share his connection to the community college system and answer questions from students.

“The first time I came here, I was 12. My mom signed me up for a little baseball camp in the summer,” McCarty said. “So I’ve been coming here a long time.”

McCarty said he attended American River College and eventually transferred to CSU, Long Beach, for a degree in political science. He came back to the Capitol to start the beginning of a career in politics. After working at the Capitol for several years, he decided to get a master’s degree from Sacramento State, but he needed a prerequisite — which he received at City College.

McCarty was re-elected November 2014 as a representative of California Assembly District 7, which encompasses parts of the Sacramento metropolitan area, according to his website. Before serving on the California State Assembly, McCarty was a Sacramento city councilmember, representing District 6, which includes part of the eastern and southeastern parts of the city. He went back to work at the Capitol and continued to tackle problems with higher education, including the cost.

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May 6

City College is holding a ceremony for the official opening of the new Student Services Building May 8, from 10-11:00 a.m.

The building is located across from Rodda Hall North on the western side of the main campus. Construction on the building began in June 2013 after the Administration of Justice building was torn down to make way for it.

Student services, which were held on the first floor of Rodda Hall North, are now located on the first floor of the new building. The photography and journalism departments — which were in the top floor of Rodda Hall South and Temporary Building 3, respectively — will be making their home on the second floor beginning in the fall 2015 semester.

Refreshments and tours will follow soon after the ceremony.


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May 4

“Susurrus,” City College’s literary journal, will be celebrate its release at a May 9 party and reading. First published 21 years ago, the annual publication is composed of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, art and photography by current and former City College students.

“Susurrus” co-founder and Dean of the language and literature division at City College Albert Garcia said “[‘Susurrus’] gives the students some great experience, some great skills and at the end they’re holding a great journal.”

“Susurrus” gives City College students an outlet to publish their creative works.

“This is entirely student work,” said “Susurrus” adviser and English professor Marci Selva. “Students do all of the choosing of what goes in, the photographs. The only thing students don’t do is printing.”

Selections from the book will be read, and light refreshments will be provided at the May 9 release party. The party will take place at 6 p.m. in the Student Center on campus.

The free event will also include a tribute to Maui Porter, a staff member who recently died, and whose work is included in this year’s journal. This edition of “Susurrus” will be dedicated to her memory.

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Student body president to host community service event
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April 30

City College’s new student body president, Marianna Sousa, is hosting a community service event to help provide for the homeless May 3 at Hampton Park in South Sacramento.

The event, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, is aimed at collecting donations of money, care packages, toiletries and other non-perishable items to help the homeless community in the Sacramento area.

According to the event flier, “This is a safe, positive experience for the whole family.”

To help the cause, volunteers are asked to show up at Hampton Park at noon.

For more information, visit the event website

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April 24

City Theatre is hosting its Playwright Festival 2015 with eight railroad-inspired plays beginning April 24 and continuing through May 17 in the Art Court Theatre in the Performing Arts Center. The plays are performed by students, directed by faculty and former students and written by local playwrights.

“Many of the playwrights have written for us before, both for The Playwright’s Festival in previous years and the 29 ½ Hour Playwriting Festival,” said Adrienne Sher, City College Theater Arts professor and City Theatre director.

The eight plays will be divided into two sets of four, with performances for Evening A on April 24, May 2, 8 and 9 at 8 p.m. and April 26, May 16 and 17 at 2 p.m.

The second set of performances for Evening B will take place April 25, May 1, 15 and 16 at 8 p.m. and April 30, May 9 and 10 at 2 p.m.

Evening A:

A Fine Day for Backgammon by Kayla Willet and Lori Ann DeLappe-Grondin

Ben and Karbie Wait for the A Train by Juan Antonio Ramos

Laertes and Sophy by Coleman Daniel

Reincarnation Station by Donya Wicken

Evening B:

Rails on the Rocks by Zack Sapunor

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April 23

Did you know math is used in poetry and in advertising?

The focus of this year’s Mathematics Awareness Month is how math drives careers, like writing poems and creating ads. City College math students have created a series of displays around campus, showcasing how mathematics is used in sports, fashion, physiology, music, advertising, nursing, robotics, poetry and other careers. Each display introduces a particular field, highlights its development and shows a series of visual examples of the application of mathematics within that field.

In one display titled “Mathematical Ideas In Advertising,” by advertising major Lauren Anderson, the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence are strategically used in the development of brand logos. Although these logos appear simple, the application of the ratio and the sequence make the logos quite memorable — the main idea behind good advertising.

In other fields such as fashion, mathematics is applied more intensively. It is used to create accurate measurements, grade rules or the amount a pattern piece should be increased or decreased for a company’s size specification and the amount of fabric required for each garment among many other things.

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April 8

City College’s music department will perform George Fredric Handel’s famous oratorio “Messiah” April 11 in the Performing Arts Center.

Handel composed “Messiah” as an offering for Easter in 1741, but the piece has since found a home during Christmas time. The lyrics include passages from Christian books, including the Bible and “Book of Common Prayer.”

Attendees are invited to sing along to such fragments as “He Shall Purify” and the iconic “Hallelujah” chorus. The event is free and doors open at 6:30 p.m. with the performance scheduled to begin at 7 p.m..

Tickets can be purchased at

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April 7

It can be a complex and winding road for those looking to be doctors, surgeons or any another medical profession Mastery of the human body, modern medical advances and willingness for unwavering time commitment are all required to make it far in this field.

The SCC Transfer Center will host a “mini medical conference” April 21 for City College students who are determined to be in the medical field. Students who attend this event will be given information on UC Davis Undergraduate and School of Medicine admissions. Attendees will also learn about the experiences UC Davis Medical students go through, in addition to those of doctors currently working in the field.

The conference will be held in the Student Center from noon to 4 p.m. For more information, contact the Transfer Center at 916-558-2181.

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