Career Center aims to help students find jobs

For students who want or need help finding a job within their major, learning how to be a better interviewee, creating the perfect resume or other job-related skills, the Career Center will host workshops for students for the months of October and November.

The resume writing workshops will focus on teaching students how to write a good resume, and this means having the right format and keywords.

“Many resumes submitted to companies are done electronically and they sit on email inboxes for a while until automated computer programs read these resumes, and the resume-reading programs scan for the right keywords,” said Chris Weast, student assistant at the Career Center.

Aside from hosting resume writing workshops, there will be workshops to help students prepare for an interview. The interview skills workshop will also teach students about the basic preparation before an interview, how to ask the right questions and how to prepare to answer questions.

“Students will be able to set up a sample job interview with a counselor to get an idea on how the interviews are,” Weast added.

Students who want to take advantage of the Career Center workshops must register beforehand in order to guarantee themselves a seat. The Career Center is located in Rodda North, Room 147.

To obtain more information about these workshops, interested students may call the career center at (916) 558-2386 or visit their website at or their new Facebook page at