About Us

SacCityExpress.com is an around-the-clock online publication with content updated as campus stories unfold. SacCityExpress.com works together with Sacramento City College’s print newspaper, the Express, to cover campus news.

The print newspaper is published monthly throughout the semester and distributed around the Sacramento City College campus.

Content from SacCityExpress.com and the Express is provided by JOUR 410, 411, 412, 430, 431, 432, PHOTO 380, and GCOM 320 and 321 students. Additional content is contributed by City College students outside these classes.

Views published in the Express and on SacCityExpress.com do not reflect those of the Los Rios Community College District Board of Trustees, the Associate Student Government, City College Journalism department, administration, student-body or faculty.

We are a First Amendment news organization.

The Express and SacCityExpress.com are members of the Journalism Association of Community Colleges and the California Newspaper Publishers Association.