A very City College Thanksgiving; Students celebrate with planes, plates and pie

Photo Illustration by Jason Pierce | Photo Editor | jpierce.express@gmail.com

Marilyn Franco
Staff Writer


On Nov. 23, some City College students will enjoy their day off from classes by spending time with family and devouring delicious food.

Others plan to celebrate out of the country.

Waking up on Thanksgiving morning after a good night’s rest to eat food, and more food, is not what City College student Jose Bermudez will be doing. No, he decided that this Thanksgiving would be an adventurous one.

Bermudez will be returning on Thanksgiving Day after a week visiting his friend who is studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain.

“I’m going to wake up, probably still be drunk, go to the airport, and spend 70 percent of it on a plane,” says Bermudez.

A continent away, City College student Anahi Portillo says her family merges both American and Mexican cultures together to enjoy the holiday. She cannot wait for tamales, pozole, birria and Abuelita hot chocolate, as well as mashed potatoes, pumpkin, apple, and pineapple pies. And don’t forget the turkey and ham.

For Portillo, November is the month to give thanks, but also a time to celebrate.

“We combine Thanksgiving with my dad’s birthday because the dates are really close,” says Portillo. “When it’s time to eat, we wait for everyone to settle down, and get to the house and we just have a good time during Thanksgiving.”

When families unite, there can be warm moments and slightly lukewarm moments. City College student Maya Sharma expects her holiday to be fairly typical — and a bit frustrating.

“I will be spending Thanksgiving with my family, as I usually do,” says Sharma. “And I will probably be doing most of the cooking because my sisters are lazy.”

She is still looking forward to Thanksgiving, and despite her complaints, she admits that she actually enjoys all the cooking. She just wants to have a nice day with her family.


Some students opt for the traditional session, but City College student Christian Cushman has a different tradition.

“I’m going to spend almost 100 percent of that time at Black Friday,” says Cushman.

He doesn’t mean shopping. While other people are out buying gifts, or laying low with their family, Cushman will be at a concert in Oakland, spending his Black Friday alongside screaming fans, loud music and close friends.  

Whether students spend their Thanksgiving surrounded by family or making new friends abroad, college students are in the unique position to trail-blaze their own holiday traditions.