April 2017

Antonio Torres, City College sophomore catcher gets the walk in the game against Delta College at Union Stadium on Apr 25th ©2017 Dianne Rose

City College sports report from the diamonds

SOFTBALL Jayson Price Staff Writer jprice.express@gmail.com City College softball is streaking toward the playoffs, notching its longest win streak of the year at six. All…

Math instructor Tsz Yan Wu will be hosting the Integration Bee competition along with other instructors on April, 28. The competition will be hosted in Lillard Hall 101, the top prize winner will take home $300. 

Pedro Santander | Staff photographer | psantander.express@gmail.com

City College to hold math bee on April 28

Vincent Ybarra Staff writer | vybarra.express@gmail.com On April 28, the City College math department will host its own Integration Bee. It will be hosted in Lillard…

Meena Prasad, 29, talks about her previous struggles that kept her away from school and how she plans to balance school with employment. And what she plans to do after she is finished at City College.  
Vincent Ybarra | vybarra.express@gmail.com

City College Podcast series – Vincent Ybarra

Vincent Ybarra Staff Writer vybarra.express@gmail.com Whether you’re new to Los Rios or a returning student, City College hosts different types of students. With a good…

Professor Erica Piedra teaches French and Spanish at City College. She was born in Mexico and raised in the United States. Pedro Santander | Staff Photographer | psantander.express@gmail.com

A path to becoming a professor

Pedro Santander Staff Writer/Photographer psantander.express@gmail.com There are many professors at City College. Sometimes we wonder how they end up as faculty. This is the story…


The 411 on 4/20

On Thursday, April 20, don’t be surprised to see classes a little less full. City College students will surely join the many others like-minded individuals…