October 2016


Photo of the day October 31,2016

City College student Dayshown Williams holds a sign to attract fellow students to watch a four-minute video on animal cruelty Oct. 31, 2016 Ulysses Ruiz…


Photo of the Day Oct. 26, 2016

Debra Luff, Student Services vice-president participating in the unofficial poll for the Sacramento City Express newspaper. Cameron Richtik | Staff Photographer | cameronrichtikexpress@gmail.com


Photo of the Day Oct. 25, 2016

City College student Kristine Bugge, art major, drawing designs for an upcoming project in professor Terry Peterson’s 3D design class. Oct. 25. Julie Jorgensen |…


Photo of the day Oct. 24, 2016

City College students Daniel Iraheta, mechanical engineer major, and Sarah Gutierrez, business major, studying mathematics on the grass on the quad. Oct. 24, 2016. Julie…