August 2016

Photo Of The Day Aug. 31, 2016

A woman in the City Cafe was rushed to the hospital a little after 4p.m. after spectators believed she was going into labor. Cameron Richtik…

Photo Of The Day Aug. 31, 2016

City College art student Naomi Yang explains how her piece for her Introduction to Public Speaking class is meant to reflect how others perceive her….

Photo of The Day Aug. 30, 2016

  Guest Speaker, Joe Lavine from Profoto talks to Photo 390-91 students at Land Park on Aug. 30, on how to use studio lighting equipment…

Where’d you get that coupon?

    Education doesn’t come cheap. From tuition and books to parking and Scantrons every little thing adds up. However, there are plenty of discounts…

Welcome to Express 2.0

Welcome to campus, everyone. For some of you, welcome to college! And for others of us, welcome back. With the start of every new school year, there is one constant: change. From campuses to classes. Friends to teachers. Youth to adulthood.