April 2016

Photo of the Day April 29, 2016

Virginia Meyer’s field botany class practice identifying flowering plants using the Jepson Manual near Cameron Park, California. Emily Peterson, Staff Photographer. | emilypetersonexpress@gmail.com

Photo of the Day April 26, 2016

City College student Kevin Werre, biology major, playing a guitar in the Quad before heading to his next class. Julie Jorgensen, Photo Editor. | juliejorgensenexpress@gmail.com

Podcast: SCC and KCRA alum opens up on life of a journalist

https://www.dropbox.com/s/vry0r7r459wddit/BarbaraWilliams_interview_RichIbarra.mp3?dl=0 Rich Ibarra is a City College alumnus with more than 30 years in journalism. As a KCRA 3 television news reporter, Ibarra was Stockton…