April 2013

Projections of global warming to affect 480k in California

The COVE’s atmosphere at the Learning Resource Center turned cold as Stanford University biology professor George Somero said Antarctica’s temperature is 5.4 times warmer than the global average, causing harmful effects to the organisms and ecosystems in Antarctica, as well as to the rest of the world.

“This represents the 50th anniversary of my first trip to Antarctica,” said Somero as he pointed to a photograph of himself in Antarctica in1963 to the audience. “It’s scary to see the changes that have gone on.”

PODCAST: David Wyatt biology professor studies Ring Tail population

David Wyatt is a City College biology professor who specializes in Ecology, and has been studying the Ring Tail population in the Sutter Buttes for 25 years. Professor Wyatt and Rosalinda Vizina, a biology major and one of Wyatt’s research assistants, are headed out to Sutter Buttes to capture and collar a new Ring tail after they found one of their other Ring tails dead.

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Brewing with hops and hopes

I met Mike through a mutual friend a few months ago at Low Brau in Midtown Sacramento. I quickly discovered that Mike is a friendly…

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Big sound in the Little Theatre

Stage Lights Rise and begin to twinkle off the brass. Rows of musicians await their cue. The black tuxedo-dressed conductor stands patiently at his podium….

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A valuable service

Aside from being athletes and students, some of the men and women that attend City College and participating with their athletic programs, take part in…

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“42” hits a home run

The talented outcast gets a chance. The unwilling team takes small steps  towards acceptance. The team wins against all odds. . This is the formula for…

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Addys for Eddie

City College graphic design student Eddie Arcilla took home two ADDY awards March 21 for his video submission to the American Advertising Federation’s annual competition….

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Rethinking standardized education

In recent years, budget cuts have changed the entire scope of the community college system.

There was a time when community college courses were free, easy to get into and students had a greater sense of community involvement and outreach. To be successful on the college level today requires a small fortune, lots of dedication and a flexible schedule.

Getting into classes in a specific major isn’t usually that much of a challenge. However, getting into general education classes is almost always headache-inducing.