March 2013

Squashing life’s struggles

The Cultural Awareness Center welcomed cultural to its building once more on March 19 with an African American City College student who wanted to transmit love and culture through gourd art.

“[The gourd] just connected me back to Africa,” said Shirley Sanders, a 35-year-old business major. “It connected me back to being proud of whom I am.”

Through the two-hour event, the attendees were able to see Sanders in action as she gave them step-by-step instructions on how to create art with gourds, a variety of edible and non-edible fruits with a hard shell. She explained the origins of gourd art and described the connection gourd art has with cultures all over the world. Sanders also gave attendees the opportunity to make gourd art themselves.

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PODCAST: What are your plans for spring break?

With a much needed break in everyone’s mind, the Express got out on the quad to ask what students have planned. Responses varied from studying beyond class materials to visiting family in southern California, but everybody seemed excited to get a break after midterms.

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Sports madness

Painted faces, entirely paintedbodies, huge head cutouts, and raucous crowds—these all describe a National Colle­giate Athletic Association basketball game. Not many sporting events can draw…

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Golf beats wrestling, but on what grounds?

Wrestling is a competitive sport where matches are set up between individual wrestlers going one on one with their comparable opponent. The wrestling program at…

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Letting mothers be free

Victoria Law, author of “Resistances Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women”, spoke to City College students March 14 in the Cultural Awareness Center. Law…