February 2013

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A lasting legacy

In 1972 Title IX, a portion of the Educational Amendments that bans sex discrimination in schools, whether in sports or academics, was passed into law….

Late peach season starts early Sac-Town

Local poetry will be celebrated with readings on Feb. 28 from “Late Peaches: Poems by Sacramento Poets,” at noon in the A6 Auditorium in the Performing Arts Center.

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City College aims for gun-free campus

While the federal governement’s position on gun control is complex to some, City College has clearly defined its stand on the matter. In accordance with…

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Off to a fast start

The City College men’s and women’s track and field teams are hoping to build on past successes for their 2013 season. In 2012 the teams…

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Title IX – “Fair” turned foul

Since its inception in 1972, Title IX has been an adamantly debated topic in the gender equality discussions involving collegiate athletics. Although its creators’ intentions were to require schools that receive federal funds to provide women with an equal opportunity to compete in athletics, it currently disenfranchises male athletics at City College.

This legislation has spurred the growth of female athletes in sports, and even academic success in women, which is clearly a benefit to society. The same research, however, shows a severely negative impact on men’s athletics. Much like human biorhythms and talking to plants, it is time to rethink another idea from the ’70s, because the statistics involving the loss of male teams is distressing.

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Protect your privacy

People value their personal privacy, as evidenced by bathroom door locks, window blinds and passwords. As Americans, however, we don’t just value privacy—we expect it….

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City College iMacs Stolen

The Los Rios Police Department is investigating three burglaries that struck the City College Performing Arts Center computer lab over the past three months. The…

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Students bid for their grade

It ’s a sunny February day at Sacramento City College. The type of day that students want to be out enjoying, not sitting in a…