August 2012

A soccer ball on a field.

Sea Breeze Tournament preparation

“One, two, three… Panthers!” exclaimed the women’s soccer team at the end of its Thursday afternoon practice. Hyping themselves up before their season opening Sea Breeze…

A column with the lettering San Francisco State University.

Transfer Center plans trip to SFSU

City College Students tend to share a common goal of working toward transferring to a UC or CSU, but picking the right school for upper-division learning can be a difficult task.

Luckily for students that may be having trouble deciding on the best place to continue their education, City College has many resources to help make that decision easier.

According to City College Transfer Center counseling clerk L. Juliana Singleton, the transfer center is taking registrations through Aug. 30 for a day trip to San Francisco State University, which will take place Sept. 14.

A flier for the trip

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Eservices outage

City College’s PeopleSoft Eservices system went down several times Sunday night and Monday morning, the first day of classes for the fall semester, rendering students unable to access enrollment information, class schedules and the financial aid system, according to Vice President of Instruction Mary Turner.

According to City College Interim Public Information Officer Crystal Lee, district office has been working on a solution and had hoped

Express debuts new website

The Express would like to welcome City College’s students, staff, faculty and the community to its brand new website.

The site features an all-new look, a new section for blogs, easier navigation to all of the Express’s articles, pictures, and videos, and more room to showcase the stories that highlight the campus’s news, successful students, sports and events.